Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Back on Campus

Hey all!

Just so you know, I made it back to Saint Mike's with all my luggage and with most of my sanity.

Fancy first-class breakfast :)
It was actually one of my smoother cross-country trips. I was upgraded to first-class from Reno to Denver and then Business Class ( aka SUPER fancy international plane) from Denver to Chicago. I wasn't anything special from Chicago to Burlington, but it was a Barbie plane! It was SO small! I couldn't believe. It was also delayed for an hour and a half... ew.

Sun-tanning in Denver International

 One of my friends from back home, who skis for UVM, was on two of my flights as well as a kid who skis for Middlebury. We awkwardly met waiting for the shuttle. He had racing boots on his backpack and I felt obligated to say "hi." I mean there aren't that many ski racers so chances are that we are connected in one way or another. We happened to have a few mutual friends/acquaintance/whatevers....

My coach was nice enough to pick me up at the airport in Burlington and bring me back to school. It's a little weird being back without a ton of people, but it's also very nice. It's calm. No stress at all.

Fancy seats in Business Class
 Funny story before I sign off.. I had planned to get up at 6:20 am to shower and get ready. I had to tune my skis before training and I wanted to make sure I was ready for skiing. I got a phone call from my coach at 7:27 am... My alarm didn't go off. I shot out of bed like a bat out of hell. I made it to the ski room in about 10 min which is pretty good considering I had to search my unpacked bags for my ski gear... Luckily, everyone on the team likes me... Well, I think they do. Anyways, they just gave me a hard time, but no harm done. We still had great training!

Now, I am off to watch some video and get a small workout in.


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