Thursday, November 18, 2010

You Won't Know Until You Get Here

     It's true, that you simply can't understand unless you are in a person's shoes what life is like at Saint Mike's. You can guess and get an outside picture, but you simply can't predict what you'll be involved in here. I mean I NEVER thought I'd be in the Chorale, or the Acabellas, or be a tour guide. I'm nothing, but everything I want to be at school.
     Yes, I do realize that makes no sense, but because I'm a college student I am going to explain in a well formulated paragraph (or try to at least.) I thought when I came to school I'd be some sort of jock. I mean a totally sloppy athlete, but still a hot shot. Until I came to school, sweatpants everyday were TOTALLY acceptable and dresses weren't an option. Well, I don't wear sweats everyday. In fact, I've made an effort to look decent most days. I live by the motto "Look good. Feel good. Race good." <-- (Spotted: Horrible grammar, but I like the use of "good.") I even wear floral dresses and sparkly things and wear my hair down. Ask people I went to school back in the day. They'd be SHOCKED! So in that sense, I'm nothing like I thought I'd be.
  On the other hand, my life is charmed and privileged when I'm not running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I am a tour guide, a ski team captain, and a singer. I'm studying the major I love and I write for the school paper. I've also been interviewed for the paper. I'm exactly what I thought I'd be. OVERLY involved. I'm doing a million things. I actually think I stretched myself to thin this semester. I'll make it through, but Christmas break will be a gift from the gods. Seriously.
So now I'll talk about some of the things that have stretched me so thin. Starting with music stuff. Acabellas are awesome. I love the girls and the music. Our newest songs include Seaside Rendevous by Queen, which we will be doing with Mike Check (all-male group) and One Love by Bob Marley. We tried to do One Love this morning in the quad, but it's definitely in the rough fazes. :-P

    Then, of course, there is Chorale. We had our first big performance last night at an old folks home in Shelburne. It was really fun and I think the pieces went really well minus a few note flubs on my part. Luckily, there are A LOT of altos so I don't think anyone noticed.
   This is on the bus, which was filled with singing random songs like "I'll Make a Man Out of You" and "Ain't No Mountain High Enough." Our big Christmas performance is coming up Dec. 3rd in the Chapel. It should be pretty good. :-D

Okay, and a little more random, but fun news. I was in the Defender and NOT as a writer. A friend was writing an article on the ski team, and there is in fact a little section in the article about me :-P Ha, I'm such a big deal now....
Anyways, here's the little piece. To see the article, you can click here.

New captain for the women
This year, sophomore Gabbi Hall was named captain of the women’s team. Hall says her personal goal as captain is to bring everyone together early on in the season.

“It’s an individual sport,” Hall said. “But in college it needs to be like a team sport.”

Having been on the snow since she was three years old and racing since she was eight, Hall is excited about the potential of this season, she said.

“[Last season] was an up and down season,” Hall said. “The team had solid finishes, but there was room for improvement.”

Hall said there were only five girls racing for the team last season, even though each team is allowed six. The downside is that according to the Federation of International Skiing rules, in order for the race to count, the team needs at least three racers to finish.

“There were a few carnivals last year where our third person didn’t finish,” Macleod said.

Junior Ashley Langlands also has high hopes for the new season and new coach.

“The girls’ team struggled last year,” Langlands said. “We’re a smaller school and we struggled to finish. But this year looks good.”

.... Yup so that's my 15 minutes of fame....
Just kidding, I'm going to be a LOT more famous than that. I'm talking donate-a-building-to-the-school (rich and) famous.
Alright, that's all for now! I have Thanksgiving dinner in Alliot, a Defender meeting and Acabella practice.

<3 Gabbi

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