Sunday, November 28, 2010

Let the Snow Fall Down and Wake My Dreams

Let it wash away my sanity!
.... Yes, that just happened. I stole those lyrics from a Hilary Duff song... I DARE you to judge me!

Moving on. 

You may assume from my blog title that I was doing something involving snow over the Thanksgiving break. You are so right. I was up in Sunday River, Maine with the SMC Alpine Ski Team.

We left Tuesday after classes and I got back on campus about 2 hours ago (aka 4:30 pm on Sunday). It was a truly wonderful trip and training session. There were 8 boys and 6 girls at the camp training. It was a good crew. Everyone got along really well except when the boys ate all 80 fruit snack packets! I'm fairly certain they did it just to make me angry. All I wanted was fruit snacks! Other than that the food situation was great! We had a George Foreman grill, so we made lots of bacon and tomato grilled cheeses.

There was also this brand new coffee maker so I had my coffee in the morning and I could set a timer the night before so it would be brewed when I got up in the morning. It was really fancy. :-P We also had Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, which we don't get a school so it was a total treat.

Here's the breakdown:
Kelsey Redden, Christina Billotti, and Molly Macleod

Wednesday: Free-skiing and drills on slalom skis
Thursday: Slalom training (yay!) and Thanksgiving dinner with the team.
Friday: GS training in the AM and one-ski drills in the afternoon.
Saturday: Slalom training
Sunday: Slalom training

Yes, it was a lot of slalom and guess what? I skied well! :-D I was really excited. I'm at a really good place for early season and I need to be. My first races will be North American Cup in early January and they are the most competitive races on this continent aside from the occasional World Cup. They are tough, but I like to jump right into my season. You have to learn to take everything with a grain-of-salt early in the season, so I just go in positive and charge hard!

Now, I'm going to work on some HW, so I can get ahead on the craziness of the next few weeks. 3 more weeks left in the semester!! :-D Remember that if you want to ask me questions, head over to my VYou Channel or use the Formspring widget in the right column of the blog!


Ashley Langlands

Kelsey Locke

Christina Billotti, Kelsey Redden, and Ashley Langlands

Tim Spangler and Matt Beers

Kevin O'Brien and Nate Bryant

Doing video analysis and waiting for dinner

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