Monday, November 22, 2010

Interesting Facts About SMC

These particular facts relate to technology on campus. Thank you, @SMC_Defender for printing these a few weeks ago.

- 1.4 million copies are made each month - My addition: It just so happens that we have a nifty new printing system here at school that prints everything double-sided and also allows students to scan things and print from their personal computers.

- PK Cafe is the No. 1 place called from campus. The PK Cafe is located across from the Ross Sports Center next to Fire and Rescue. There is delicious food there, and clearly it's very popular!

- On average, the school receives 100,000 emails daily.

- On the average weekend night, there are over 1300 users connected wirelessy. The peak time is around 11:30 pm. My addition: I'm usually asleep by that time. :-P

- Roughly, one half of the student equipment registered on the network is from Apple.

- We have 100 Mb of Internet capacity in the residential halls. This is roughly 30-40 times more than what the average person would get from his or her home internet service provider. Every night, students consume over 95 percent of that capacity.

Now, a quick update on my life in photos. Just scroll down and check it out! I'll be posting photos soon from Sunday River, where the ski team is headed tomorrow afternoon!!

This is Mike Check. The Bellas and these boys performed at a Best Buddies (put on by MOVE). They performed "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?" from the Lion King and "Fat Bottomed Girls" by Queen.

And I did some grocery shopping. These are great because A) They are $0.43 at Shaw's and B) All you need is water and a microwave.

As I was leaving Pontigny, I saw this and found it to be very funny. It's "Dumble-door" haha. If you aren't a Harry Potter fan, that won't be funny at all.

The Bellas sang the National Anthem at the Men's Basketball Game. We won! :-D

We had a rehearsal after the National Anthem. View my previous blog to listen to two of our songs "Sunday Morning" and "Crazy Little Thing Called Love."
This is Mike Check during "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?" Bobby, the lion in the t-shirt, was my editor last week on the Defender. :-P They boys in that crew are pretty goofy, but SO talented!

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