Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Free Coffee, Birthday, Tattoos, Weight Lifting, and Laundry

Yup, those are 5 REALLY random things, but they were all part of my week so far.
We'll start with free coffee.
At the Knight Stand or Cafe Cheray, I have filled my coffee cup six times (for $1.25). I had a punch card which gets me a 7th coffee free. I use it today and the coffee is sitting on my desk as I type this. Now, you may be thinking "This is the most BORING blog post ever." What you don't realize is that at Saint Mike's, the cafes are important for late night study snacks and the $1.25 I saved on the 7th coffee is a load of laundry.
This leads me to the laundry portion of this post. I did a RIDICULOUS amount of laundry last Friday. I had so much it took up three washing machines. It was essentially my whole wardrobe, plus sheets and towels. I waited as long as possible to do laundry. Not really for any reason except for the fact that I didn't want to lug the bag downstairs. And I had a whole. $.50 on my Knight Card which wouldn't have bought me ANYTHING.
Now I'll erratically jump to tattoos. Nope, I didn't get a tattoo. (You can stop freaking out, Mom and Dad.) I am doing a project on them. In New Media 2, we will be building a web magazine that discusses a social trend or shocking subculture. Tattoos happen to be a growing trend amongst young adults and a faux pas with many parents/grandparents, ect. So I'd say for some it's shocking, but it's mostly a social trend. It's interesting and it'll give me some fun design options for the magazine. :-D
Speaking of magazines, I talked previously about my 'Women in the Weight Room' article for my Writing for Media 1 class. (this is the weight lifting part, fyi) Well, it's coming along wonderfully! I had interviews with Olympic Gold Medalist Julia Mancuso, LA trainer Brian Peeler, and Wayne Westcott, a fitness researcher. The outline is proving to be the hardest part! My goal is to have this published in Women's Health. (Keep your fingers crossed!) While that publication might be far off, I did recently have another article in the The Defender! It's on Women's Ice Hockey! Despite the fact that it was not the most interesting subject for me, it did end up a solid article and it's pretty cool to see my name in print. It was especially nice as it was released on my birthday.
Yup, it was the big 1-9 for me yesterday. Guess what happened? I was mistaken for a music professor. I'm not kidding. Someone came into my practice room and wanted me to sign a form to get into Music for Non-Majors. I had the MOST confused look on my face :-P I didn't realize he thought I was the professor until after I directed him to my music professor. All I could think was "OMG did I age over night?!" Aside from that, it was an uneventful day.
I didn't do anything special, but Friday, my friends and I are going to grab dinner at VT Brew Pub and probably a coffee on Church St. I also have plans to grab a massage if I ever have a spare minute! ah!
My next blog will be all about class registration this semester, but for now I have to go shower and grab some sleep!
If you have questions, you can ask me on VYou (You can also just scroll to the blog below and ask right there.) or you can ask via Formspring. (There is a Formspring box on the right side of the blog as well!) So many ways to get in touch, what will you choose?


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  1. Hi! I see you are a Scorpio [scorpio horoscope ] and you are blessed to have those wonderful friends with you especially on your very special day! They make it extra more special.


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