Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Art of Dining

(Quick tid bit: If you have questions about St. Mike's, I am testing out a new question system. You can ask here: and then I will give a video response. It could be pretty cool! So ask away!) Now onto the good stuff:

Hey Everyone!

It's Sunday morning and the sun is shining. We also got an extra hour of sleep last night, which was oh-so-fabulous. I desperately needed massive doses of sleep this weekend. I do feel refreshed and read to go for the week.

I know I post a lot of photos of the campus all sunny with it's beautiful fall colors, but here's another one. You can kind of tell, but this particular day the leaves were falling off the tree like it was snowing. It was beautiful. I'm one of those people that will choose to walk across the lawn to kick the leaves around instead of the pathways. Naturally, with the cornucopia of leaves on the ground, I was walking across lawns all day. :-D

 On Thursday, I had a big "talking to prospective students" day. I did the live video chat with another student and the head of admissions. We were on a web cam and prospective students could stop by and ask questions. It's okay if you missed it. It was recorded, so you can watch it here:
After that we had a "Knight Chat," which is a chat room for prospective students to ask us bloggers questions about Saint Mike's. This picture is of Mallory, our fearless leader from Marketing and three of the freshman bloggers, Marci,   Alexandra, and Michel.
We were there from 7:30 pm to 9 pm talking to prospective students. You can see future Knight Chat dates here:

 Now on to my weekend. It was very mellow. Like I said, I was in desperate need of sleep. However, last night I went to see the production on "The Art of Dining," that students put on. IT WAS HILARIOUS. I didn't think I knew anyone in the show, but it turns out I did. And they are very talented. I didn't realize it, but we have some great actors/actresses at school.

The play was about a couple who opens a restaurant and the people who dine there. It depicted one night and the chaos  in the kitchen and the outrageous customers. It was close to a full house, which I thought was rather impressive. In fact, I was sitting next to my Writing for Media professor and her husband (who spoke in my class last week and I had NO idea they were married). I am ALWAYS running into professors outside of class, including the elliptical at the gym. I previously answered a question "Are professors accesible?" The answer is yes because if you can't get to there office hours, you can email them or just find out if they go to the gym or school plays and you can harass them there. Okay, maybe not harass them, but politely ask questions when they conveniently can't escape :-P Not that they want to escape, I'm just trying to be funny.... *awkwardly laugh at my own joke*

........ Okay, I'm going to go now. The sun is officially out and I plan to go sit on the lawn with a book before my 1 pm tour.
Remember, if you have questions you can email me or ask me via Formspring. It's what I'm here to do!


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