Sunday, November 28, 2010

Let the Snow Fall Down and Wake My Dreams

Let it wash away my sanity!
.... Yes, that just happened. I stole those lyrics from a Hilary Duff song... I DARE you to judge me!

Moving on. 

You may assume from my blog title that I was doing something involving snow over the Thanksgiving break. You are so right. I was up in Sunday River, Maine with the SMC Alpine Ski Team.

We left Tuesday after classes and I got back on campus about 2 hours ago (aka 4:30 pm on Sunday). It was a truly wonderful trip and training session. There were 8 boys and 6 girls at the camp training. It was a good crew. Everyone got along really well except when the boys ate all 80 fruit snack packets! I'm fairly certain they did it just to make me angry. All I wanted was fruit snacks! Other than that the food situation was great! We had a George Foreman grill, so we made lots of bacon and tomato grilled cheeses.

There was also this brand new coffee maker so I had my coffee in the morning and I could set a timer the night before so it would be brewed when I got up in the morning. It was really fancy. :-P We also had Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, which we don't get a school so it was a total treat.

Here's the breakdown:
Kelsey Redden, Christina Billotti, and Molly Macleod

Wednesday: Free-skiing and drills on slalom skis
Thursday: Slalom training (yay!) and Thanksgiving dinner with the team.
Friday: GS training in the AM and one-ski drills in the afternoon.
Saturday: Slalom training
Sunday: Slalom training

Yes, it was a lot of slalom and guess what? I skied well! :-D I was really excited. I'm at a really good place for early season and I need to be. My first races will be North American Cup in early January and they are the most competitive races on this continent aside from the occasional World Cup. They are tough, but I like to jump right into my season. You have to learn to take everything with a grain-of-salt early in the season, so I just go in positive and charge hard!

Now, I'm going to work on some HW, so I can get ahead on the craziness of the next few weeks. 3 more weeks left in the semester!! :-D Remember that if you want to ask me questions, head over to my VYou Channel or use the Formspring widget in the right column of the blog!


Ashley Langlands

Kelsey Locke

Christina Billotti, Kelsey Redden, and Ashley Langlands

Tim Spangler and Matt Beers

Kevin O'Brien and Nate Bryant

Doing video analysis and waiting for dinner

Monday, November 22, 2010

Interesting Facts About SMC

These particular facts relate to technology on campus. Thank you, @SMC_Defender for printing these a few weeks ago.

- 1.4 million copies are made each month - My addition: It just so happens that we have a nifty new printing system here at school that prints everything double-sided and also allows students to scan things and print from their personal computers.

- PK Cafe is the No. 1 place called from campus. The PK Cafe is located across from the Ross Sports Center next to Fire and Rescue. There is delicious food there, and clearly it's very popular!

- On average, the school receives 100,000 emails daily.

- On the average weekend night, there are over 1300 users connected wirelessy. The peak time is around 11:30 pm. My addition: I'm usually asleep by that time. :-P

- Roughly, one half of the student equipment registered on the network is from Apple.

- We have 100 Mb of Internet capacity in the residential halls. This is roughly 30-40 times more than what the average person would get from his or her home internet service provider. Every night, students consume over 95 percent of that capacity.

Now, a quick update on my life in photos. Just scroll down and check it out! I'll be posting photos soon from Sunday River, where the ski team is headed tomorrow afternoon!!

This is Mike Check. The Bellas and these boys performed at a Best Buddies (put on by MOVE). They performed "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?" from the Lion King and "Fat Bottomed Girls" by Queen.

And I did some grocery shopping. These are great because A) They are $0.43 at Shaw's and B) All you need is water and a microwave.

As I was leaving Pontigny, I saw this and found it to be very funny. It's "Dumble-door" haha. If you aren't a Harry Potter fan, that won't be funny at all.

The Bellas sang the National Anthem at the Men's Basketball Game. We won! :-D

We had a rehearsal after the National Anthem. View my previous blog to listen to two of our songs "Sunday Morning" and "Crazy Little Thing Called Love."
This is Mike Check during "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?" Bobby, the lion in the t-shirt, was my editor last week on the Defender. :-P They boys in that crew are pretty goofy, but SO talented!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sunday Morning (Maroon 5) performed by the Acabellas

Hey Guys!
I wanted to share this with you guys! It's the Acabellas - The All-female a Capella group on campus!
This is from today's rehearsal!
We have a concert coming up with Mike Check (the all-male group) on Nov. 30th in the McCarthy Arts Center at 7 pm! Come support us and donate to "Women Helping Battered Women"!



PS: Scroll down. There's another one! Just ignore the little mistakes and giggles. We literally just learned the song!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

You Won't Know Until You Get Here

     It's true, that you simply can't understand unless you are in a person's shoes what life is like at Saint Mike's. You can guess and get an outside picture, but you simply can't predict what you'll be involved in here. I mean I NEVER thought I'd be in the Chorale, or the Acabellas, or be a tour guide. I'm nothing, but everything I want to be at school.
     Yes, I do realize that makes no sense, but because I'm a college student I am going to explain in a well formulated paragraph (or try to at least.) I thought when I came to school I'd be some sort of jock. I mean a totally sloppy athlete, but still a hot shot. Until I came to school, sweatpants everyday were TOTALLY acceptable and dresses weren't an option. Well, I don't wear sweats everyday. In fact, I've made an effort to look decent most days. I live by the motto "Look good. Feel good. Race good." <-- (Spotted: Horrible grammar, but I like the use of "good.") I even wear floral dresses and sparkly things and wear my hair down. Ask people I went to school back in the day. They'd be SHOCKED! So in that sense, I'm nothing like I thought I'd be.
  On the other hand, my life is charmed and privileged when I'm not running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I am a tour guide, a ski team captain, and a singer. I'm studying the major I love and I write for the school paper. I've also been interviewed for the paper. I'm exactly what I thought I'd be. OVERLY involved. I'm doing a million things. I actually think I stretched myself to thin this semester. I'll make it through, but Christmas break will be a gift from the gods. Seriously.
So now I'll talk about some of the things that have stretched me so thin. Starting with music stuff. Acabellas are awesome. I love the girls and the music. Our newest songs include Seaside Rendevous by Queen, which we will be doing with Mike Check (all-male group) and One Love by Bob Marley. We tried to do One Love this morning in the quad, but it's definitely in the rough fazes. :-P

    Then, of course, there is Chorale. We had our first big performance last night at an old folks home in Shelburne. It was really fun and I think the pieces went really well minus a few note flubs on my part. Luckily, there are A LOT of altos so I don't think anyone noticed.
   This is on the bus, which was filled with singing random songs like "I'll Make a Man Out of You" and "Ain't No Mountain High Enough." Our big Christmas performance is coming up Dec. 3rd in the Chapel. It should be pretty good. :-D

Okay, and a little more random, but fun news. I was in the Defender and NOT as a writer. A friend was writing an article on the ski team, and there is in fact a little section in the article about me :-P Ha, I'm such a big deal now....
Anyways, here's the little piece. To see the article, you can click here.

New captain for the women
This year, sophomore Gabbi Hall was named captain of the women’s team. Hall says her personal goal as captain is to bring everyone together early on in the season.

“It’s an individual sport,” Hall said. “But in college it needs to be like a team sport.”

Having been on the snow since she was three years old and racing since she was eight, Hall is excited about the potential of this season, she said.

“[Last season] was an up and down season,” Hall said. “The team had solid finishes, but there was room for improvement.”

Hall said there were only five girls racing for the team last season, even though each team is allowed six. The downside is that according to the Federation of International Skiing rules, in order for the race to count, the team needs at least three racers to finish.

“There were a few carnivals last year where our third person didn’t finish,” Macleod said.

Junior Ashley Langlands also has high hopes for the new season and new coach.

“The girls’ team struggled last year,” Langlands said. “We’re a smaller school and we struggled to finish. But this year looks good.”

.... Yup so that's my 15 minutes of fame....
Just kidding, I'm going to be a LOT more famous than that. I'm talking donate-a-building-to-the-school (rich and) famous.
Alright, that's all for now! I have Thanksgiving dinner in Alliot, a Defender meeting and Acabella practice.

<3 Gabbi

PS Don't forget that you can ask questions about here:

Sunday, November 14, 2010

This Thing Called Love

QUICK REMINDER: The bloggers will be doing a Knight Chat, a chat room with current students and prospective students, TOMORROW NIGHT (Nov. 15, 2010) at 7:30 - 9 pm EST. Come ask questions or just chat!

I just can't handle it!
Or how about? Thm, Thm. Thm, thm, ba, da, thm, thm, ba da.
Or maybe even... Sweet dreams are made of this, who am I to disagaree?
Well, these are part of songs we are doing in Acabellas. I had my first rehearsal last Thursday.  It was really fun. The girls are all ridiculously nice and obviously very good singers. We are working on "This Thing Called Love" and "Sweet Dreams" and "Seaside Rendezvous" which will be done in collaboration with the all-men a capella group Mike Check. I'm so thrilled to be a part of the group!

I did want to share this picture one of the fun things the Bellas will be doing this year. We will be singing weekly in the quad to brighten people's mornings and work on new material. Here is a picture of Thursday's performance!
This was before my first rehearsal, but they performed "Sunday Morning" by Maroon 5. It was SO good! And it was a beautiful day and it really made my 10 times better!
I'm hoping to record some of the upcoming rehearsals to share with you here!

<---- Spotted: My article. I scanned it in using the fancy new printing/scanning system at school. I'm such a fan :-D

In other news, I wrote the news again in the SMC Defender. My article was on the Women's Ice Hockey team and there goals for the season. While the topic (to me) wasn't ground breaking or all that interesting, it was great experience in sports writing. In particular, it was great to write about a sport I know so little about.

So that is my latest news. Remember that if you have questions for me about Saint Mike's, feel free to check out the "Ask Questions About SMC" tab above or the "Contact Me" tab which has my email address. I'm always available to answer questions. So fire away!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Free Coffee, Birthday, Tattoos, Weight Lifting, and Laundry

Yup, those are 5 REALLY random things, but they were all part of my week so far.
We'll start with free coffee.
At the Knight Stand or Cafe Cheray, I have filled my coffee cup six times (for $1.25). I had a punch card which gets me a 7th coffee free. I use it today and the coffee is sitting on my desk as I type this. Now, you may be thinking "This is the most BORING blog post ever." What you don't realize is that at Saint Mike's, the cafes are important for late night study snacks and the $1.25 I saved on the 7th coffee is a load of laundry.
This leads me to the laundry portion of this post. I did a RIDICULOUS amount of laundry last Friday. I had so much it took up three washing machines. It was essentially my whole wardrobe, plus sheets and towels. I waited as long as possible to do laundry. Not really for any reason except for the fact that I didn't want to lug the bag downstairs. And I had a whole. $.50 on my Knight Card which wouldn't have bought me ANYTHING.
Now I'll erratically jump to tattoos. Nope, I didn't get a tattoo. (You can stop freaking out, Mom and Dad.) I am doing a project on them. In New Media 2, we will be building a web magazine that discusses a social trend or shocking subculture. Tattoos happen to be a growing trend amongst young adults and a faux pas with many parents/grandparents, ect. So I'd say for some it's shocking, but it's mostly a social trend. It's interesting and it'll give me some fun design options for the magazine. :-D
Speaking of magazines, I talked previously about my 'Women in the Weight Room' article for my Writing for Media 1 class. (this is the weight lifting part, fyi) Well, it's coming along wonderfully! I had interviews with Olympic Gold Medalist Julia Mancuso, LA trainer Brian Peeler, and Wayne Westcott, a fitness researcher. The outline is proving to be the hardest part! My goal is to have this published in Women's Health. (Keep your fingers crossed!) While that publication might be far off, I did recently have another article in the The Defender! It's on Women's Ice Hockey! Despite the fact that it was not the most interesting subject for me, it did end up a solid article and it's pretty cool to see my name in print. It was especially nice as it was released on my birthday.
Yup, it was the big 1-9 for me yesterday. Guess what happened? I was mistaken for a music professor. I'm not kidding. Someone came into my practice room and wanted me to sign a form to get into Music for Non-Majors. I had the MOST confused look on my face :-P I didn't realize he thought I was the professor until after I directed him to my music professor. All I could think was "OMG did I age over night?!" Aside from that, it was an uneventful day.
I didn't do anything special, but Friday, my friends and I are going to grab dinner at VT Brew Pub and probably a coffee on Church St. I also have plans to grab a massage if I ever have a spare minute! ah!
My next blog will be all about class registration this semester, but for now I have to go shower and grab some sleep!
If you have questions, you can ask me on VYou (You can also just scroll to the blog below and ask right there.) or you can ask via Formspring. (There is a Formspring box on the right side of the blog as well!) So many ways to get in touch, what will you choose?


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Things to Know Before SMC

Hey the question is: What's one thing you wish you knew before you came to Saint Mike's?
I thought it was interesting enough to put up in between my usual blog posts. Feel free to ask me questions through VYou or Formspring!
Just scroll to below my lovely face and click on the question you'd like to see the answer too! You can also ask questions anonymously from right here. So many ways to ask questions! What will you choose?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Art of Dining

(Quick tid bit: If you have questions about St. Mike's, I am testing out a new question system. You can ask here: and then I will give a video response. It could be pretty cool! So ask away!) Now onto the good stuff:

Hey Everyone!

It's Sunday morning and the sun is shining. We also got an extra hour of sleep last night, which was oh-so-fabulous. I desperately needed massive doses of sleep this weekend. I do feel refreshed and read to go for the week.

I know I post a lot of photos of the campus all sunny with it's beautiful fall colors, but here's another one. You can kind of tell, but this particular day the leaves were falling off the tree like it was snowing. It was beautiful. I'm one of those people that will choose to walk across the lawn to kick the leaves around instead of the pathways. Naturally, with the cornucopia of leaves on the ground, I was walking across lawns all day. :-D

 On Thursday, I had a big "talking to prospective students" day. I did the live video chat with another student and the head of admissions. We were on a web cam and prospective students could stop by and ask questions. It's okay if you missed it. It was recorded, so you can watch it here:
After that we had a "Knight Chat," which is a chat room for prospective students to ask us bloggers questions about Saint Mike's. This picture is of Mallory, our fearless leader from Marketing and three of the freshman bloggers, Marci,   Alexandra, and Michel.
We were there from 7:30 pm to 9 pm talking to prospective students. You can see future Knight Chat dates here:

 Now on to my weekend. It was very mellow. Like I said, I was in desperate need of sleep. However, last night I went to see the production on "The Art of Dining," that students put on. IT WAS HILARIOUS. I didn't think I knew anyone in the show, but it turns out I did. And they are very talented. I didn't realize it, but we have some great actors/actresses at school.

The play was about a couple who opens a restaurant and the people who dine there. It depicted one night and the chaos  in the kitchen and the outrageous customers. It was close to a full house, which I thought was rather impressive. In fact, I was sitting next to my Writing for Media professor and her husband (who spoke in my class last week and I had NO idea they were married). I am ALWAYS running into professors outside of class, including the elliptical at the gym. I previously answered a question "Are professors accesible?" The answer is yes because if you can't get to there office hours, you can email them or just find out if they go to the gym or school plays and you can harass them there. Okay, maybe not harass them, but politely ask questions when they conveniently can't escape :-P Not that they want to escape, I'm just trying to be funny.... *awkwardly laugh at my own joke*

........ Okay, I'm going to go now. The sun is officially out and I plan to go sit on the lawn with a book before my 1 pm tour.
Remember, if you have questions you can email me or ask me via Formspring. It's what I'm here to do!


Friday, November 5, 2010

Questions to pass onto videochat: How accessible are the professors in the journalism department? What are the most popular student groups/clubs?

Hey All! I answered these at the Live Vid Chat, which was recorded and can be viewed here:
But I will answer them here, too!
I am pretty sure my journalism professors live at school. Seriously. I went in to Bergeron (the JO building) at 6 pm and some were still in their offices. When they are in, their office doors are open and they always want to talk. My professors know me by my name and they know all about me. They ask me about ski team and how my year is going. If you are taking their class, it is also easy call or email them. Bottom line: They are easy to get a hold of and easy to talk to.
As for clubs, there is a club for EVERYTHING on campus. There is a psychology club, and math club and a conservative club. Some of the major clubs include Student Association, which is our student government, the Martin Luther King Society, the Ski and Snowboard Club, and Green Up. All those clubs host events like Harvest Fest, Jib Fest, and the Spring Talent Show.
You can look at a list of clubs here:
Hope this helps!

Ask away. There is always more to learn.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Oh! SMC Is Getting Fancy :-D


Hey everyone!

St. Michael’s will be participating in the College Week Live’s Fall Online College Fair.  Two of our student bloggers, Mairead and Christine, along with Admissions Counselor Jeremy Brown will be available during a live video chat to talk about St. Mike’s. You’ll be able to ask them questions throughout the chat! 

Be sure to tune in at 3pm EST, Thursday November 4th and check it out!

Can’t make the live video chat?  Don’t worry – you can log into college week live later on in the day and watch the recording.  If you have a question you’d like us to answer LIVE, head over to the Class of 2015 Facebook Group page (link) and ask us now!”

You can also ask questions via Formspring which I can pass on to Christine and Mairead to answer at the chat! This is a really great opportunity and you'll Christine and Mairead! They are HILARIOUS! 


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