Sunday, October 24, 2010

Harvest Fest, UVM Hockey, and the Skinny Pancake

The weekend is coming to a close. *tear* Even the sky is crying, but we had beautiful weather yesterday! To go along with the beautiful weather, Green Up, a club focused on saving the environment, hosted Harvest Fest. They brought in the band, Dirty Paris, who are awesome and also, there was free food like apples, soup, bread, and donuts.
To be honest, there wasn't a huge turnout, but I enjoyed myself and it was a great excuse to get outside and appreciate the sunshine. After hanging there for a while, I went to the Women's Rugby game. They were playing Tufts, and they won. Again. They are undefeated. That's pretty cool. There was quite the crowd watching and from what I saw it was super aggressive.
After the game, I met up with my friend, Kelsey, for dinner and another UVM hockey game. We went to City Market, which is like Trader Joes, and they have all kinds of delicious foods. I love the Smoked Salmon sandwich on sour dough. :-D Yum.
At the UVM game, I ran into my friend, Sean, and finally got my jacket back from my trip to New Zealand. I also got my favorite scarf back. :-D Yay. Anyways, we got pretty good seats and we sat right next to the student section which was really fun. The UVM kids are crazy! The game was really intense and went into overtime. It ended tied at 2-2. I'm turning into a ice hockey fan. It's a really fun game to watch when the guys are slamming each other against walls. It was also a great way to spend the night off campus.
Then today I went to breakfast with Kate and Sarah. We went to the Skinny Pancake and I finally used the gift certificate I got in a Green Up raffle last December. I got a Noah's Ark (picture above) which has eggs, bacon, and two scrambled crepe things with cinnamon, sugar, and VT maple syrup. I also had some VT Apple Cider! It was delicious. I love that place. SO MANY OPTIONS. I need to go back like a million more times to try everything. If you are in the area though, I really recommend going!
And lastly, we headed over the Burton Headquarters because Sarah got a new snowboard, but no boots or bindings. While she browsed the store for those, I took photos of things I liked and texted them to my mom. My text message read: "If you are having trouble shopping for this holiday season, this is a very cute jacket.. in black... size Large." or "These leopard print long underwear will make me REALLY fast this season." That one usually works pretty well because the parents want me to ski fast. :-D
Now, I have to go. I have a tour at 1:30 pm!

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