Thursday, October 28, 2010

Politics, Sports, and My Ski Team Family

Today was a good day. The sun was shining and the trees are very pretty colors. I literally didn't stop from 6:45 am until 9 pm today. I'm exhausted, but it was good day.
This is the Durick Library

I took this photo as I was heading to Music Theory class in McCarthy Arts Center. I purposely walked across the grass to walk across the crunchy leaves. The weather was more beautiful than I expected and warm enough for sandals.

Earlier in the day in my Writing for Media class, we had a guest speaker. He currently works at UVM, but he has worked on several political campaigns and he came in to discuss the relationship between candidates and the media. It was really conversational class discussing different scenarios when dealing with candidates. We also talked about how to cover political ads and press conferences. Did you know Tuesdays are big news days and weekends aren't? I didn't, but apparently that's why many press conferences are on Mondays.

Also today I had voice lessons as I do every Thursday afternoon and I've started working on two new pieces. One is "Come Rain or Come Shine," the jazz standard and "Defying Gravity" from the Broadway show Wicked. After these pieces, I am going to do something a little more R&B and Pop. The actual song is to be decided.

Then this afternoon I had to get van certified so that I can drive with the team to and from the hill if I have to. Most of the team gets certified and then people don't have to drive too often. It's a pretty easy thing to do and we all have to be team players. After that, I headed over to my second Defender meeting to get my next article assignment. I switched into the Sports section this week and I'll be writing about the Women's Ice Hockey Team and there upcoming season.

Ashley, Kerstin, Nicole and Kelsey
After all that, the Alpine Ski Team (Follow us on Twitter!) headed over to our coach's house for a delicious Mexican food dinner. I finally got to meet my coach's new baby. He's so adorable!! OMG. I'm totally in love with him. :-P About 18 athletes (that's alot of mouths to feed) chowed down on chicken enchiladas, chili, salad, cornbread, and lots of Gatorade. At the meeting, Jules and I talked to the team about our community service idea, a Susan G. Komen Ski Race for the Cure. People were really on board and had some fabulous suggestions! I think things could really come together on this!! :-D

So I'm going to post a few more pictures up below so that you can see what the team looks like and was up to! I'm so happy it's Halloween weekend! It should be fabulous! :-) Can't wait to tell you all about it!

Me with the baby, Not a great photo of me.... They made me laugh... But the baby was so cute!

Checking out the Ice Hockey game

Yup, that's her cute face :-P

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