Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Prom I Never Had

Here is a fun fact about me. I didn't go to a normal high school. I went to a charter school, which means I did independent study my junior and senior year. My senior year I was on-campus for school maybe 10 times. I was pretty much on my own as far doing my homework and learning the material.

Here's Ke$ha (me) and a pumpkin (Ashley)
That may sounds pretty awesome. 10 days of actual school a year and traveling around the world skiing... okay... it was pretty awesome. I'm really lucky. However, I missed out on the social aspects of regular high school like homecoming and prom.

I think I've said this before but I have a personal joke (as in I am the only one who thinks it's funny) that the highlighter dance at SMC is my version of the homecoming dance and the Halloween dance is my prom. Ya, it's not the same time of year, but I get dressed up for Halloween just like most of you get dressed up for prom.

Halloween here is also an entire weekend. There are things going on all weekend on-campus and in Burlington. Many of my friends went to "Nightmare in Vermont" and there was a Haunted House in the upstairs of Alliot of Friday night.

There is Sam, Nicole, and Ashley
Saturday is the big night of campus, though. Every year there is a Halloween dance and it's so much fun. It goes from 10 pm to 1 am and most of the school goes. Now, I love to dance. I would do it all the time. If I am with friends, it is typical for me to be the only once dancing. They love me for it.

While at the dance, I saw several other Ke$ha's at the dance as well as many Lady Gagas. I also saw a lot of hunters and bumble bees. I mean I saw A LOT of hunters. A LOT of fluorescent orange. So typical of VT kids tho. "What is an easy costume? Well, I own a lot of flannel... I can be a hunter and/or outdoorsman/woman." That is what my friend Jules did.   I think in college it's not always about the fanciest costume. It's about the wittiest or funniest thing you can put together with things you have or with things you can find at good will. It's about having a good time and just being someone else for the night. And that is why I love this holiday. I can be goofy and no one can say anything about it.
On another note, this weekend I met two girls who said they knew me because they read my blog all summer before they came to school. They actually said ,"Hey, I know you." I'm glad that they felt that they knew me. I guess that means that I'm doing my job well. :-D So I'm really happy about that.
Alright, I have to go. 6 am stair workout tomorrow. I have to get some sleep.


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