Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm Guilty


I'm so guilty...
of shamelessly telling everyone to read the on-campus newspaper and particularly this week's page 7....
Why? Because my first published article is in there. 

Here's a little intro to The Defender. This is our on-campus, student-run newspaper that comes out every Tuesday. You can also view it online. This week, I wrote in it for my Writing For Media class. I have to write 3 more times this semester, so I'll continue to post those here as they come, but there won't be another for 2 weeks.

Left Half

Check it out!  Titled "Under the Weather and Out of the Country," it's all about two students who have been sick during study abroad.

I'm really happy with the way it turned out. At the bottom is a globe. The dark spots are on Ghana and Peru where the students were studying.

Right Half

 On the right is a side bar with "Tips for Travel." I came up with 4 of them and my editor (I assume) added 2.
I'm happy to say that the paper kept most of my original work. Editors have the freedom to change titles and move some things around in the article. Most of the changes they made were attributions and some word rearranging in the intro.

So now that I have shamelessly promoted my article, :-P I will tell you about the article I am currently working on. The topic is: Women in the Weight Room. The idea is that women need to spend more time in the weight room instead of all their time on the treadmill or elliptical.
It's my final project and we have to have a "goal magazine" for publication. Mine is Women's Health. The story will be about 1,500 to 2,000 words long.
Because I want to publish in such a big publication, I have to get "Big Fish" to interview. I actually already have to interview set up with some Ph.D's and I am waiting to hear back from professional athletes like Olympic gold medalist, Lindsey Vonn. I know you are sitting there thinking, "Olympic Gold medalist? No way you can get an interview." Luckily she's a ski racer and I'm a ski racer and I'm really hoping she'll help me out. I've also emailed soccer players and I'm deciding on a few gymnasts to email.  I really want a lot of different female athletes, so you have endurance athletes and sprint athletes.
Essentially, I have big dreams for this article. :-D

That's all for now!


Don't forget: There is a "Knight Chat" tomorrow night at 7:30 EST with some of the bloggers! You can come talk to other applicants and current students. Come for the whole hour and a half or just stop by for a few minutes.  It's a great opportunity to get any info you need before applying!

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  1. Congratulation to your first published article. I am proud of you and impressed about your next goal you´d like to achieve.
    You are my Rory Gilmore :-)


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