Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Going Pink

It's a popular symbol. The twisted pink ribbon. We see it on magnets, t-shirts, and pins. It's everywhere. Whether we know someone with breast cancer or not, we know the symbol.

Well, the ski team is going to be doing community service this year and one of the freshman girls, Julia, suggested putting on a Susan G. Komen Ski Race for the Cure,  much like the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cures that are generally running. As ski racers though, the ski race sounded fun and different.

Last night, Jules and I spent at least two hours outlining what we wanted to do. We did everything from talk about the venue to what supplies we needed to potential prizes. We drafted up some potential sponsors to help us run the event. We wrote up a standard email and talked about what would go on the flyers. (If this happens, the flyers will be awesome because I'll be designing them. Thank you, New Media!)

Thursday, we have a ski team dinner where we plan to pitch the idea to the team. We even have a fun sheet with the pink ribbon watermarked in the background. It's legit. Then after we get the team on board, we have to pitch it to the Athletics Department to get it cleared. And even with those two hurdles, I AM SO EXCITED for the potential of the event. It could be so fun and it would be for such a wonderful and important cause!

I'm so excited I had to write a real quick blog about it! :-P

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