Sunday, October 17, 2010

Forget about being in 3 places at once...

I was in 3 seasons today! It was crazy.
If you haven't read my blog previously, here's a quick background to this story. My friends and I have been trying to hike a bunch this fall including Mt. Mansfield (Stowe) and Camel's Hump (Just outside Richmond, VT).
My friend, Sarah, and I decided we wanted to go hiking this weekend, but with recent weather we were unsure if that would actually happen. Lucky for us, we woke to a cloudy morning without precipitation. We left school at 8 am and headed to On the Rise bakery in Richmond. It's about a 15 min drive from school. Its delicious. We grabbed some breakfast and coffee before heading out on the hike. We also invested in delicious scones to snack on at the top.
The Trail
When we drove up to the trail head, Sarah screamed "Snow!" It was true, there were small patches of snow along the road. I knew it had snowed, but I didn't expect to see it so low! Still we started our hike in "Fall" with beautiful colors.
Then about an hour into our hike, I looked up to see pine trees and a winter wonderland. I'm not kidding. It looked so different than we hiked it a few weeks ago and if I didn't know any better I'd have said it was January.  We didn't see any people for quite some time.
Sarah was wearing a tank top because she was hot from hiking and when we finally saw people they gave her the funniest looks. I guess snow and tank tops don't mix? Oh well. Luckily we brought layers.

Sarah ready to trek up the rest of the way!
Let me tell you, we couldn't have been more happy to have arrived at the clearing which means .3 miles to the top. There we put on our jackets and extra layers because the few people we saw said it was very windy at the top.

As you can see, this is WINTER!!! There was at least 6 in of snow, probably a foot in some places! I was very tempted to make a snow angel, but that might have been a little cold on the hike down!

At the top :-D
It was great to finally make it to the top, but we didn't stay their long because it was really cold and I couldn't fully enjoy my motivational scone up there! So we snapped a few pics as proof and went on our way!

The last season is Spring. As we were heading down, it had warmed up which meant a lot of mud. I mean A LOT. We were covered and stepping in giant mud puddles and after a while we gave up trying to stay clean and just booked it down the mountain to the warm car. (My heated seats never felt so good as after this hike.)

It's a little sad since that'll be the last hike of the season, but I'm so happy we did it! We felt so good after and it was new and fun!

Now I have to go do some homework... so typical. But keep praying for snow! I want to be able to ski on Halloween!!

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