Thursday, September 23, 2010

When the Grandparents Come to Town...

... be nice and they will take you and a friend out to dinner... two nights in a row.... and buy you a new Saint Mike's sweatshirt. :-D
     Let me jump back a few days. We recently had New Student Parents Weekend/ Alumni Weekend at school. Many of the freshman's parents were on campus supplying their kids with Gatorade, microwave popcorn, and delicious Church St. dinners. :-D
    Because of my trip to New Zealand, I haven't seen my parents in 3 months and as of now, I won't see them until Christmas when I fly home. I will admit that I miss them. I will also admit if my hair dresser was in Vermont, I might not be quite so eager to trip cross country. I am not kidding when I say I would fly cross country for the weekend to get my hair cut. No, I can't use someone out here because I like my hair dresser because she ALWAYS cuts it just right.
    So like I said, it's been a while since I have seen family, but my grandparents came to town this week! They are headed to Montreal for a cruise up to Newfoundland or something. What I know is that it sounds cold. Before they headed up there though, they visited friends down in Bondville, VT. My grandpa, or PaPa, has been friends with this guy for 65 years! It's crazy! After they spent time there, they drove up the 100 to Burlington.
  When they got here, they took my suitemate, Natalie, and I out to the Three Tomatoes on Church St. It is DELICIOUS Italian food. It WAS so good. It was one of those dinners where you can't stop eating because it's that tasty. I did manage to bring home my left overs along with my grandparent's so I have some convenient midnight snacks.
      My grandpa, who grew up in New York, hadn't been to Burlington in a very long time and told me about all these places that were once there. After dinner, I took them to their hotel and we made plans for them to see the school the next day. Before they could come to school though, my Mima had to get her nails fixed and she wanted to shop on Church St. They came to SMC at around 1 pm and I gave the grand tour of the school including my disaster of a room in Pontigny. They tell me I'm just like my aunt. I'm glad my messiness runs in the family.
   Turns out that my grandparents love Saint Mike's more than I do. I wasn't sure that was possible, but they REALLY like it. They immediately went to the book store and bought t-shirts. They also bought me a new sweatshirt. My friends have this joke where we say "You know you are a college student when..." In this instance, it was "you know you are college student when getting a new SMC sweatshirt was the highlight of your week." :-P Go ahead. Laugh all you want, but there is nothing better than a new fuzzy sweatshirt now that it is getting chilly outside.

  After they saw their school, they drove back to their hotel while I went to Chorale. After that, I drove to pick them up (Mima and Papa don't like to drive at night.) for dinner #2. Yes, they love me that much. I am the #1 grandchild. I am the oldest and the favorite. :-P I took them along with my roommate from last year, Reese, to Vermont Pub and Brewery, which is super affordable, local, and my Papa is a beer-enthusiast so it gave him a chance to try a local brew.  I can't remember which beer he got, but he said it was one of the best beers he has ever had and he has had beer all over the world.
   I sipped on root beer and split some mozzarella stick with Reese before dinner. I was so relieved that my grandparents like my friends and that my friends are good with grandparents. It was a great two hours just hanging out with family! Of course, they had to leave eventually, which they did this morning. :-( They had to head up to Montreal for their cruise. However, I am SO happy I got to see them and eat some delicious food.
  So here is my advice: be REALLY nice to your grandparents. I don't anyone that isn't, but it never hurts to be EXTRA nice. That always benefits you eventually!
  Now it's time for the weekend and all I want to do is sleep. Before I can do that, I have the student-athlete Got SKILLS event in McCarthy. ...

Gabbi :-*

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