Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Biggest Problem at Saint Mike's

No, it's not classes, even though taking 19 credits is brutal....
It's not roommates, RA's, or boys...
My problem is: too many friends.

I can guess what you are thinking. "What the heck, Gabbi? Too many friends. First of all, how cocky are you? Second, that's not a problem."
   Well, I'm not cocky, it's just the truth. That is Saint Mike's. Everyone is so nice and you make so many friends, but it's a big enough that they don't all hang out together.So anyways, I have 3 main groups of friends. I have two groups of non-skier friends (Although Andrea always says she's the ski team captain. She is, in fact, on the swim team.) While those two groups of friends get along, they just don't hang out together and so I tend to do lunch with one or dinner with the other. Then, of course, I see the ski team most days for workouts, but I don't have classes with any of them and I don't really see them at meals. This of course means that my weekends are a constant balancing act to see all my friends.
  I guess having so many friends isn't so much a problem as a time management issue. Next thing you know I'll be penciling them into my planner.... Oh, boy now I just sound like the most stuck-up person EVER. It's not that. I've just got a lot on my plate.
       One of the more fun things on my plate this week was an interview with Miss Vermont 2010, Caroline Bright. You have probably seen her on the (new and improved) SMC Blogs page. Now I "know" her in the sense that we chat via Twitter every once in a while, but I wouldn't say we are friends. Well, at least, I didn't before I did the interview. Caroline is one of the nicest people I have ever met in my entire life and she was such an easy interview. She gave me so many good answers that I am now having trouble narrowing all the information down into the most important segments. (Currently another one of my problems... an interview that was almost too good.)
      On the athletics front, I've had a NCAA meeting and a Got SKILLS student-athlete talk. The NCAA meeting was pretty standard. We signed paperwork that says we won't use illegal substances and that NCAA can you use my photo for promotional things. :-D They just want to make me famous.
      The Got SKILLS talk was slightly more interesting.  A woman (I can't remember her name.) came to talk to all the athletes about leadership. I'll be honest with you, it wasn't the highlight of my week. I didn't find it particularly inspirational or mind-opening. However, as a newly elected captain, I think it's good to hear things like 'set a good example' over and over again. She talked about community service as a team and how leading isn't just for captains. She also gave us some goal-making and visualization techniques.
      Our next talk is on Thursday and will be hearing about peak performance which could be equally as interesting. Now, that I have successfully procrastinated on work by blogging.. I'm going to do my religion reading.

Good night!

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