Friday, September 3, 2010

Classes and Some Exciting News :-D

Hey Everyone!
It's Friday (yay!) and I'll be honest and tell you that this week felt so long. My brain was still in the transition from ski camp to school and there were definitely some glitches! But I made it through and I think my brain is back on track.
First, I'll take you through my classes (all 20 credits! eeeeek!)
I start my week with Varieties of Christianity with Professor Patterson. (I already recommend him to everyone!) It will fulfill my 100-level Religion requirement and it's conveniently Monday-Wednesday-Thursday which allows me to have NO CLASSES ON FRIDAYS!! So far it hasn't been to intense. It's been mostly "What is religion?" and why it's important to study it.
After that I have Musicianship Lab with Professor Lew and Professor Summerfield from the Music Department. Mondays have rhythm and Wednesdays are keyboard. It's pretty interesting so far, but I'm struggling a bit since I haven't studied music since I stopped playing piano when I was 8!
In the afternoons on Monday-Wednesdays, I have Chorale which is a requirement for my minor as well as fulfilling my art requirement. I had my "audition" today, which was basically an evaluation of my range so that Professor Lew knew where to place me. I'm apparently Alto 1 and potentially Soprano 2 in the future.
Now Tuesday-Thursdays are my jam-packed days. I go pretty much straight through 8 am to 3:30 pm without any big breaks. I start the morning with Writing for Media 1, which is like my Intro to Writing class from last semester 2.0. It takes place in Bergeron. It's a little rough at 8 am, but my professor is great and gives us a 10 min break in the middle of the hour and forty minutes to grab coffee, go for a quick walk, ect. After that I head to Jean Marie for New Media with one of my favorite professors, Kimberley Sultze. This semester we will be learning all about animations and creations in Adobe Flash, which should prove difficult, but so fun. After that, I have a 1/2 hour for food before heading to Music Theory in McCarthy Arts Center. Music theory is a course taken with music lab and is taught by Professor Summerfield. I love going to McCarthy right now because it's really cold in there and I have been melting in this heat! On Tuesdays, after Music Theory, I have a tour at 2pm. (Hint: If you want a tour with me, come Tuesdays at 2pm!) On Thursdays, I have a Varieties of Christianity lecture in Cheray 101, the largest classroom on campus that holds 100 people. Finally, I have ski team dryland from 4:30 to 6 pm.
So maybe I exxagerated a bit with the "no time" thing, but it's still a pretty packed day.
Now onto my big news.... I got captain! "Of what?" you may be asking. For those of you who read my blog, I will give you one guess. *Insert corny waiting song here* The Women's Alpine Ski Team!! :-D I'm so thrilled that the team thought I was up to par and I can't wait to get the season started. I have so many ideas and hopes and dreams (Yes, I am so corny...). I just wanted to share that with you and give you the links to all things relating to the ski team!
SMC Alpine Ski Team Blog
SMC Alpine Ski Team Twitter
SMC Alpine Ski Team Facebook Page

Be sure to follow us and "like" us! I'm going to try to keep them up to date on activities, fundraisers, and race results, of course!

Okay! I have to go do homework (if I remember how... it's been a while).

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