Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Biggest Problem at Saint Mike's

No, it's not classes, even though taking 19 credits is brutal....
It's not roommates, RA's, or boys...
My problem is: too many friends.

I can guess what you are thinking. "What the heck, Gabbi? Too many friends. First of all, how cocky are you? Second, that's not a problem."
   Well, I'm not cocky, it's just the truth. That is Saint Mike's. Everyone is so nice and you make so many friends, but it's a big enough that they don't all hang out together.So anyways, I have 3 main groups of friends. I have two groups of non-skier friends (Although Andrea always says she's the ski team captain. She is, in fact, on the swim team.) While those two groups of friends get along, they just don't hang out together and so I tend to do lunch with one or dinner with the other. Then, of course, I see the ski team most days for workouts, but I don't have classes with any of them and I don't really see them at meals. This of course means that my weekends are a constant balancing act to see all my friends.
  I guess having so many friends isn't so much a problem as a time management issue. Next thing you know I'll be penciling them into my planner.... Oh, boy now I just sound like the most stuck-up person EVER. It's not that. I've just got a lot on my plate.
       One of the more fun things on my plate this week was an interview with Miss Vermont 2010, Caroline Bright. You have probably seen her on the (new and improved) SMC Blogs page. Now I "know" her in the sense that we chat via Twitter every once in a while, but I wouldn't say we are friends. Well, at least, I didn't before I did the interview. Caroline is one of the nicest people I have ever met in my entire life and she was such an easy interview. She gave me so many good answers that I am now having trouble narrowing all the information down into the most important segments. (Currently another one of my problems... an interview that was almost too good.)
      On the athletics front, I've had a NCAA meeting and a Got SKILLS student-athlete talk. The NCAA meeting was pretty standard. We signed paperwork that says we won't use illegal substances and that NCAA can you use my photo for promotional things. :-D They just want to make me famous.
      The Got SKILLS talk was slightly more interesting.  A woman (I can't remember her name.) came to talk to all the athletes about leadership. I'll be honest with you, it wasn't the highlight of my week. I didn't find it particularly inspirational or mind-opening. However, as a newly elected captain, I think it's good to hear things like 'set a good example' over and over again. She talked about community service as a team and how leading isn't just for captains. She also gave us some goal-making and visualization techniques.
      Our next talk is on Thursday and will be hearing about peak performance which could be equally as interesting. Now, that I have successfully procrastinated on work by blogging.. I'm going to do my religion reading.

Good night!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

When the Grandparents Come to Town...

... be nice and they will take you and a friend out to dinner... two nights in a row.... and buy you a new Saint Mike's sweatshirt. :-D
     Let me jump back a few days. We recently had New Student Parents Weekend/ Alumni Weekend at school. Many of the freshman's parents were on campus supplying their kids with Gatorade, microwave popcorn, and delicious Church St. dinners. :-D
    Because of my trip to New Zealand, I haven't seen my parents in 3 months and as of now, I won't see them until Christmas when I fly home. I will admit that I miss them. I will also admit if my hair dresser was in Vermont, I might not be quite so eager to trip cross country. I am not kidding when I say I would fly cross country for the weekend to get my hair cut. No, I can't use someone out here because I like my hair dresser because she ALWAYS cuts it just right.
    So like I said, it's been a while since I have seen family, but my grandparents came to town this week! They are headed to Montreal for a cruise up to Newfoundland or something. What I know is that it sounds cold. Before they headed up there though, they visited friends down in Bondville, VT. My grandpa, or PaPa, has been friends with this guy for 65 years! It's crazy! After they spent time there, they drove up the 100 to Burlington.
  When they got here, they took my suitemate, Natalie, and I out to the Three Tomatoes on Church St. It is DELICIOUS Italian food. It WAS so good. It was one of those dinners where you can't stop eating because it's that tasty. I did manage to bring home my left overs along with my grandparent's so I have some convenient midnight snacks.
      My grandpa, who grew up in New York, hadn't been to Burlington in a very long time and told me about all these places that were once there. After dinner, I took them to their hotel and we made plans for them to see the school the next day. Before they could come to school though, my Mima had to get her nails fixed and she wanted to shop on Church St. They came to SMC at around 1 pm and I gave the grand tour of the school including my disaster of a room in Pontigny. They tell me I'm just like my aunt. I'm glad my messiness runs in the family.
   Turns out that my grandparents love Saint Mike's more than I do. I wasn't sure that was possible, but they REALLY like it. They immediately went to the book store and bought t-shirts. They also bought me a new sweatshirt. My friends have this joke where we say "You know you are a college student when..." In this instance, it was "you know you are college student when getting a new SMC sweatshirt was the highlight of your week." :-P Go ahead. Laugh all you want, but there is nothing better than a new fuzzy sweatshirt now that it is getting chilly outside.

  After they saw their school, they drove back to their hotel while I went to Chorale. After that, I drove to pick them up (Mima and Papa don't like to drive at night.) for dinner #2. Yes, they love me that much. I am the #1 grandchild. I am the oldest and the favorite. :-P I took them along with my roommate from last year, Reese, to Vermont Pub and Brewery, which is super affordable, local, and my Papa is a beer-enthusiast so it gave him a chance to try a local brew.  I can't remember which beer he got, but he said it was one of the best beers he has ever had and he has had beer all over the world.
   I sipped on root beer and split some mozzarella stick with Reese before dinner. I was so relieved that my grandparents like my friends and that my friends are good with grandparents. It was a great two hours just hanging out with family! Of course, they had to leave eventually, which they did this morning. :-( They had to head up to Montreal for their cruise. However, I am SO happy I got to see them and eat some delicious food.
  So here is my advice: be REALLY nice to your grandparents. I don't anyone that isn't, but it never hurts to be EXTRA nice. That always benefits you eventually!
  Now it's time for the weekend and all I want to do is sleep. Before I can do that, I have the student-athlete Got SKILLS event in McCarthy. ...

Gabbi :-*

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Woah Woah Woah! Where did that week go?

    It's true. Time really flies when you are having fun. Actually, time just flies by. I feel like sometimes I wake up and it's Monday I go to a day of classes and BAM! It's Thursday and I am wondering where the rest of my week went.
     This was my busiest on record because our full-time dryland program for the ski team has started, which is wonderful because it really forces me to do a crazy workout. I'm going to be beast for the season! Can't wait! Anyways....
    With every passing week comes a wonderful weekend. This weekend my friends and I did another hike. On Friday, we drove to my friend's cabin near Middlebury Ski Bowl, where we took a break from regular college life. Sarah and Kate were on cooking duty and whipped a wonderful meal of mashed potatoes, chicken, butternut quash, and broccoli. This cabin didn't have central heating so we had to use this log burning system. I've never seen something like that before, but it worked just fine and we didn't freeze. I am happy that temps are dropping, though! That means snow soon.... hopefully.
    Back on topic, we spent the rest of the night relaxing, listening to country music, and talking about everything from politics to boys. It so much fun and it was a pretty early night since we had plans to hike the next morning. When we woke up at 8:30 am, it looked a little cloudy, but that burned off quickly into a nearly cloudless day. We cooked up some eggs and English muffins for a delicious breakfast before we packed up my car. Now originally we wanted to hike Mount Ellen at Sugar Bush, but unfortunately once we got to the general someone realized the original hike we planned to do was 6 miles and that we didn't have time to do that since I had to be back for Acabella call-backs.
    Thankfully, Vermont has lots of hikes so we just switched the game plan. We opted to head back towards school and hike Camel's Hump. That is near Richmond, VT or Cochran's Ski Area. Before we went on the hike we made a stop at "On The Rise" bakery. When we pulled into the parking lot it was absolutely jam packed, but one van caught my eye. It was the very recognizable UVM Ski Team van. I pull up and inside sit a whole bunch of my friends on the ski team. It was just one of those days where you run into really random people. They were off to a ski team get-together with the Nordic team.
  Once Sarah got her coffee, we drove the last 15 min leg to the trail head. The hike took us about 3 hours round trip including a snack break up at the summit. We absolutely BEASTED it up this mountain... or at least parts of it. Sarah and I were practically running up some of the steep sections. It's so fun to have friends who are as weird and crazy as I am.
    When we finally made it down the mountain, we headed back to campus. I was covered in mud and was ready for shower... so I took one. Great story, I know. Not long after I picked up my friend, Peppers, and we headed to McCarthy Art Center, which is located near the library, for Acabella call-backs. I was really nervous. There are about 20 girls working for 12 spots and many of them have fantastic voices. I just have to keep a positive attitude. We hear back in the next two days, so keep your fingers crossed! For call-backs, they had us sing a 3-part Star Spangled Banner, which we had to learn in about 15 minutes. I was singing the Soprano 2 part (I am actually an Alto 1), but thankfully it wasn't that high. Considering this is my first semester really having to learn a part not just a melody I think it went pretty well, but it's all up to the judges now, so to speak.
     So I suppose the upside to my rant at the beginning, my classes will go by quickly this week and it will be the weekend soon enough. On the schedule this week it the first of two Varsity Athlete talks that all athletes are required to attend. They are Got Skills (<-- mentioned under "activities") event which promotes the acceptance of diversity.  Be prepared for info in one of my next posts!


PS: Remember that you can ask me questions anonymously here: Formspring
Or you can shoot me an EMAIL.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Welcome Back Bash

    How's it going everyone? It's Sunday night here at SMC and most people are watching the VMA's in their dorm rooms. I'm watching Bones re-runs and taking a break from my reading for Varieties of Christianity. I just couldn't do anymore reading, so I guess I'll do some writing.
    This weekend was our "Welcome Back Bash" at Saint Michael's College and for me that meant one exciting thing... THE HIGHLIGHTER DANCE! For those of you who don't know, I didn't go to dances in high school. I didn't go to homecoming or prom. I went to ski races. The Highlighter dance is my homecoming and think of Halloween as prom, but better because you get to wear costumes.
     Before the Saturday's events, my friends and I went over to Stowe and hiked to the "Chin" on Mt. Mansfield and it's awesome! It was 3 hrs and 40 min total including lunch at the top. You can see 360 degrees around at the top and it was a cloudless day. Check out the photos above! I'll be honest, I am pretty sore from the trek. I'm fairly certain I used muscles I've never used before. There was some crazy bouldering! We've decided to try and do a hike every weekend until the snow flies or at least until we get to busy.
    On campus, there were a series of athletic events including tennis, soccer, and volleyball. To see results, head to the Athletics page. At 2:30 pm, there was a slip and slide set up on the 300's field, followed by a Ultimate Frisbee game. To build up the Highlighter Dance, there was a barbecue on the 300's field where the whole school eats on the grass. There were performances by the Celtic Knights, an irish step-dancing group on campus, along with two campus bands, Project Noca and Free Louis. We were lucky to have beautiful weather allowing everyone to relax and enjoy the good company.
    The Highlighter Dance started at 10 pm. You had to buy a $5 ticket, which could be purchased ahead of time or at the door. The money went towards Tuesday's Children, a non-profit family service organization that has made a long-term commitment to every individual who was directly impacted by the events of September 11, 2001 and more recently those lives that have been affected forever by the effects of terrorism around the globe. It was held in Alliot where a DJ had set up on the far wall and black lights all around.  If you don't know, a Highlighter dance is where you wear a white shirt and get a highlighter at the door and draw on people's shirts. They glow in the black light. The best part of the dance is that everyone goes. I saw my senior friends and my freshman friends. We were all in the same place. It's also a great way to meet people!
     All in all, it was definitely one of the best weekends I've had here which is a big feat considering how awesome last year was! It just keeps getting better! Also, keep your fingers crossed for me because I'm auditioning for the Acabellas tomorrow :-D


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Fire Drill in Pontigny Gives Me A Great Excuse To....

write a blog about the SMC Fire and Rescue program! Well, I guess technically I made a video about it, but there are words, so you'll still have to be able to read. If you can't, this might not be your kind of movie...  I'll just let you watch it now.

Want to learn more? Go to the SMC Fire and Rescue website!

Keep yours eyes peeled on Sunday for a blog about the Welcome Back Bash, but more importantly the Highlighter Dance! It's the SMC social event of the season!! :-D


Friday, September 3, 2010

Classes and Some Exciting News :-D

Hey Everyone!
It's Friday (yay!) and I'll be honest and tell you that this week felt so long. My brain was still in the transition from ski camp to school and there were definitely some glitches! But I made it through and I think my brain is back on track.
First, I'll take you through my classes (all 20 credits! eeeeek!)
I start my week with Varieties of Christianity with Professor Patterson. (I already recommend him to everyone!) It will fulfill my 100-level Religion requirement and it's conveniently Monday-Wednesday-Thursday which allows me to have NO CLASSES ON FRIDAYS!! So far it hasn't been to intense. It's been mostly "What is religion?" and why it's important to study it.
After that I have Musicianship Lab with Professor Lew and Professor Summerfield from the Music Department. Mondays have rhythm and Wednesdays are keyboard. It's pretty interesting so far, but I'm struggling a bit since I haven't studied music since I stopped playing piano when I was 8!
In the afternoons on Monday-Wednesdays, I have Chorale which is a requirement for my minor as well as fulfilling my art requirement. I had my "audition" today, which was basically an evaluation of my range so that Professor Lew knew where to place me. I'm apparently Alto 1 and potentially Soprano 2 in the future.
Now Tuesday-Thursdays are my jam-packed days. I go pretty much straight through 8 am to 3:30 pm without any big breaks. I start the morning with Writing for Media 1, which is like my Intro to Writing class from last semester 2.0. It takes place in Bergeron. It's a little rough at 8 am, but my professor is great and gives us a 10 min break in the middle of the hour and forty minutes to grab coffee, go for a quick walk, ect. After that I head to Jean Marie for New Media with one of my favorite professors, Kimberley Sultze. This semester we will be learning all about animations and creations in Adobe Flash, which should prove difficult, but so fun. After that, I have a 1/2 hour for food before heading to Music Theory in McCarthy Arts Center. Music theory is a course taken with music lab and is taught by Professor Summerfield. I love going to McCarthy right now because it's really cold in there and I have been melting in this heat! On Tuesdays, after Music Theory, I have a tour at 2pm. (Hint: If you want a tour with me, come Tuesdays at 2pm!) On Thursdays, I have a Varieties of Christianity lecture in Cheray 101, the largest classroom on campus that holds 100 people. Finally, I have ski team dryland from 4:30 to 6 pm.
So maybe I exxagerated a bit with the "no time" thing, but it's still a pretty packed day.
Now onto my big news.... I got captain! "Of what?" you may be asking. For those of you who read my blog, I will give you one guess. *Insert corny waiting song here* The Women's Alpine Ski Team!! :-D I'm so thrilled that the team thought I was up to par and I can't wait to get the season started. I have so many ideas and hopes and dreams (Yes, I am so corny...). I just wanted to share that with you and give you the links to all things relating to the ski team!
SMC Alpine Ski Team Blog
SMC Alpine Ski Team Twitter
SMC Alpine Ski Team Facebook Page

Be sure to follow us and "like" us! I'm going to try to keep them up to date on activities, fundraisers, and race results, of course!

Okay! I have to go do homework (if I remember how... it's been a while).

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