Thursday, August 19, 2010

i feel like i am honestly the only incoming freshman who is not jumping up and down and counting down the days until we leave. were you nervous your first week at smc/how did you overcome it if you were?

Great question!!

Of course I was nervous. I was nervous people wouldn't like me. I was nervous I couldn't handle the school work. I was nervous that I would fall behind in my ski racing. I was nervous that SMC wasn't the best choice for me. My head was absolutely spinning before I came to school. Although, I will admit I was one of those people that was soooooo excited to move-in.
Move-in day I was nervous about the first impression I would make (I even tried like 5 outfit on that morning because I had to be comfortable and cute.) and to be honest it didn't go away until after the first week of classes, but here is my secret.
Keep a smile on your face and keep your dorm room door OPEN. Go walk around the freshman buildings, Joyce, Lyons, and Ryan, and talk to everyone who has doors open. It may not seem that everyone is nervous, but I'd bet that 99% of the other freshman are putting on their brave faces.
Get a big group of girls or guys on your floor (or not) to go to Alliot meals together. The more people the better and less awkward it will be. Invite your new friends over for games or jamming out to music in your room. I had 20 people in my room playing this weird word game at one point during orientation.
So SMILE and keep an open mind about everyone! Moving into college is a weird, awkward and wonderful experience so appreciate every minute!

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