Tuesday, August 3, 2010

3 Weeks Down, 3 To Go

Hey from Down Under!
I'm closing in on week number 3 here in New Zealand and I now (tentatively) have 3 to go.
I spent most of this past week racing at Cadrona and Treble Cone. I didn't finish either slalom race :-( but I did get a 5th and 2nd place, which of course means I'm coming home with some hardware. :-D

<--- There I am!
Here is beautiful sunrise at Cadrona!

From left to right: Ginny, Kelsey, and I at the top of Cadrona getting ready to race. ('Cuz were the three best friends that anyone could have...)
After the races, Ginny, who is from New Zealand, gave Kelsey and I the grand tour of Queenstown before Kelsey left. *tear* Here we are at Minus 5 drinking mocktails. Everything is made of ice. It was sooo COOL!
The next morning, after dropping Kelsey off at the airport, Ginny and I went to the Fudge Shop and acted like 10 year olds trying almost every kind of fudge.

Currently, we have a group of older skiers coming in. There will be several UVM skiers here as well as Norwegians. We also have two Greek snowboarders that are here for World Junior Championships.

Overall, this has been one of my favorite trips ever! Only at SMC have I had more fun and these first three weeks have legitimately flown by! Can anyone else believe it is AUGUST? Holy cow, this summer has gone quickly!

And that being said, I am sure you are all aware that there is less than a month until you move in to your new dorms! Who is excited? Remember that if you have any questions about move-in, classes, or anything SMC, feel free to ask my on FORMSPRING. You can also view one of the 146 answers I've given! There are answers to tons of topics. If you don't see yours, ask away!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summers! I am sure missing the warm weather!

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