Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Suite Life

Hey Everyone!
It's the beginning of a new year here at St. Mike's and I want to say welcome to the Class of 2014 and any transfers that are just starting out! I hope you enjoyed orientation (You probably saw me around with the flip cam.) and are enjoying the lack of whistles that is haunting the campus right now!
Like everyone else, I have moved into my new home, a four-person suite in Pontigny. I am living with my good friend, Natalie, and two international students named Dain (pronounced Tie-Anne) and Nikoro. Dain is from Korea and Nikoro is from Japan. They are both so nice and I can't wait to get to know them better.
So, I tried to make a video of the suite, but I am having trouble uploading so pictures are the next best thing! Here it goes!
In order to include all 4 girls in the decoration of the common room, we decided to split the walls into sections and allow everyone to decorate part. That way it reflects everyone. My theme was places I've traveled. It's not everywhere, but it's a lot of them. I think it's an appropriate theme for Ambassador Housing!

Welcome to my room! Unlike in the freshman dorms, we are unable to loft our beds. However we don't need to fit couches and chairs in our rooms because we have the common area. There is a closet on the right (obviously not visible here), a desk, and shelves under the bed. I bought a few plastic drawers to add to my storage options because I have so much stuff, but surprisingly everything fits comfortably.

Last year, my theme was "Bright and Wild." Notice the leopard print sheets on my bed in the last photo? Those were the first things I bought when working towards my theme. This year, I didn't have a specific theme, but I knew I wanted tons of pictures from traveling, summer, friends, and family. On the top, I have my shrine to my recent adventure to New Zealand. Yes, I put my medal up there. I'm very proud of it. Then I found this really cool mirrored words. Below that I put pictures of me and my oldest and best friend. To the left is the "Men of Hawaii" calendar and as you go farther right I have pictures of family and friends from skiing and SMC. I also put up old ski passes and airplane tickets. It was so much easier to turn my blank room in home because I already had a ton of the decorations. I have found Walmart very useful for getting more pictures tho! I order them online and they are ready in an hour and I'm good to go. It's sooooo easy and is my new favorite discovery.

When I'm not at Walmart, I have been hanging out with my friends that live upstairs, or Cantebury, or Joyce 3rd where my friend is an RA, or Lyons 1st where my other friend is an RA. It's fun! I feel like such a social butterfly. I also attended a TON of the Orientation events to take video so all of you can see what Orientation is really like! Just like last year, the hypnotist was ABSOLUTELY hilarious and people did some hilarious things, but I won't give away the details because that will ruin it for your orientation!! I know many students enjoyed the dance on Friday night including myself and my other friends who had nothing better to do with our evening!
Overall, I think it was another great orientation and think the freshman are now a little more comfortable here at St. Mike's. Classes start tomorrow and I can't believe. I promise to update soon with how my classes are going, the new info for the ski team, and all things SMC!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Check out these great new videos about Saint Mike's Life and Athletics!
Watch all the videos on the Saint Michael's YouTube page and watch all my videos on my YouTube Channel.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Vlog Update from NZ

i feel like i am honestly the only incoming freshman who is not jumping up and down and counting down the days until we leave. were you nervous your first week at smc/how did you overcome it if you were?

Great question!!

Of course I was nervous. I was nervous people wouldn't like me. I was nervous I couldn't handle the school work. I was nervous that I would fall behind in my ski racing. I was nervous that SMC wasn't the best choice for me. My head was absolutely spinning before I came to school. Although, I will admit I was one of those people that was soooooo excited to move-in.
Move-in day I was nervous about the first impression I would make (I even tried like 5 outfit on that morning because I had to be comfortable and cute.) and to be honest it didn't go away until after the first week of classes, but here is my secret.
Keep a smile on your face and keep your dorm room door OPEN. Go walk around the freshman buildings, Joyce, Lyons, and Ryan, and talk to everyone who has doors open. It may not seem that everyone is nervous, but I'd bet that 99% of the other freshman are putting on their brave faces.
Get a big group of girls or guys on your floor (or not) to go to Alliot meals together. The more people the better and less awkward it will be. Invite your new friends over for games or jamming out to music in your room. I had 20 people in my room playing this weird word game at one point during orientation.
So SMILE and keep an open mind about everyone! Moving into college is a weird, awkward and wonderful experience so appreciate every minute!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

3 Weeks Down, 3 To Go

Hey from Down Under!
I'm closing in on week number 3 here in New Zealand and I now (tentatively) have 3 to go.
I spent most of this past week racing at Cadrona and Treble Cone. I didn't finish either slalom race :-( but I did get a 5th and 2nd place, which of course means I'm coming home with some hardware. :-D

<--- There I am!
Here is beautiful sunrise at Cadrona!

From left to right: Ginny, Kelsey, and I at the top of Cadrona getting ready to race. ('Cuz were the three best friends that anyone could have...)
After the races, Ginny, who is from New Zealand, gave Kelsey and I the grand tour of Queenstown before Kelsey left. *tear* Here we are at Minus 5 drinking mocktails. Everything is made of ice. It was sooo COOL!
The next morning, after dropping Kelsey off at the airport, Ginny and I went to the Fudge Shop and acted like 10 year olds trying almost every kind of fudge.

Currently, we have a group of older skiers coming in. There will be several UVM skiers here as well as Norwegians. We also have two Greek snowboarders that are here for World Junior Championships.

Overall, this has been one of my favorite trips ever! Only at SMC have I had more fun and these first three weeks have legitimately flown by! Can anyone else believe it is AUGUST? Holy cow, this summer has gone quickly!

And that being said, I am sure you are all aware that there is less than a month until you move in to your new dorms! Who is excited? Remember that if you have any questions about move-in, classes, or anything SMC, feel free to ask my on FORMSPRING. You can also view one of the 146 answers I've given! There are answers to tons of topics. If you don't see yours, ask away!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summers! I am sure missing the warm weather!

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