Sunday, July 18, 2010

An Update from New Zealand

Hey Everyone!
First, I will say that I have been getting a ton of Formspring questions, which I love because it keeps me busy while the coaches are having their meeting and I have to wait for a ride back to my lodge. If you want to ask questions, there is a box on the left side of the blog or you can click here: and check out all the answers! If you want to ask another blogger, you can head to SMC Blogs and go to their blogs where there should be Formspring boxes. :-D

Okay, now back to my trip. If you don't know, I am in Lake Wanaka, pronounced Wanika which I always screw up, New Zealand. I am here with Treble Cone Racing Academy to get in some summer training and racing in.

We have skied at Treble Cone and SnowPark, which is like Boreal. For all you west coasters, that means a small hill that is mostly a park with one or two groomers for us racers. :-P (Don't deny that you always secretly wished you could wear a speed suit, or cat suit as the British kids here call it. )

This is a view from Snow Park in the morning. It's absolutely beautiful and that is an old dilapidated van that I want to write my name on with spray paint.
This is a view from the side of the house I am staying at. We are in a beautiful valley about 10 minutes from the lake. I have actually seen people water skiing and it's the middle of winter and I am always cold. They are CRAZY!

And this is Kelsey. She will be an incoming freshman at Saint Mike's Class of 2014. This is a giant hand in the park by the lake and I just think this photo is funny.

Well, that's a quick update on my trip. We have a day off tomorrow and I have my fingers crossed that we can venture into Queenstown which is about an hour drive. I will find out in a few minutes as the coaches are still in their meeting. Ugh. We are also getting the team jackets tonight which I am sooooo excited about :-P and like a total dork I'll probably post photos at some point.


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