Friday, July 9, 2010

If you already covered this, sorry, I must have missed it. But what is the deal on lofting beds in frosh dorms?

No problem, so here's the deal: You have the option of lofting your bed mid-way (chest height) or tall (Close to the ceiling.) I'd recommend that everyone loft their bed to create some extra floor space. You may actually be able to do bunk beds with one of the companies. Lofting is great because you can put dressers, trunks, and if you have a high loft, your desk under there.
You can either book a loft ahead of time or get one on move-in day because the companies will be in the quad. I'm not sure if it's less expensive to do ahead of time, but I just did it the day of when I had the epiphany "No way is all my ski stuff going to fit without a loft." People will come in and assemble them and at the end of the year they will come pick it up. It's super easy.
The two companies are: and

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