Saturday, July 17, 2010

I got placed on north campus, can you tell me anything about north campus? How far away from regular campus is it? do we need to take a bus to get there? Anything you know..

The North Campus is less than a mile down the road from the main campus and can be walked to via a sidewalk or you can take the school bus that runs every 1/2 hour. If you would like to walk in the Fall/Spring, you may want to consider bringing a bike to ride from dorm room to main campus. There are bike racks all over the place and it makes the trip shorter as well as allows you to be on your own schedule.
You might be freaking out, but don't. A lot of people actually prefer it because they feel like the get off campus to "go home" as opposed to being a 2-minute walk from the classroom. Several of my friends opted to live "up north" for that reason.
While the main dining hall is on main campus, there is a dinner dining option up north in Sloane which is restaurant style, complete with reservations and waiters.
I hope this is helpful!

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