Friday, July 2, 2010

Hi Gabbi- your blog and the questions you answer here on formspring are tremendously helpful to me!! Umm, I know you covered this a bit in your blog, but could you tell me where in Joyce are the laundry room and post office and how they work? Thank you :)

I'm so glad that I can be helpful and ease the transition in college life.
Okay, I will start with laundry. The laundry room is in the Joyce basement on the side of the building near Ryan Hall. There are washers on the left side and driers are on the right. You put your clothes into one and swipe your card on a machine next to the door. It charges your Knightcard. For those of you who don't know, you (or your parents) can put money on your card that can be used at school and places all over Burlington.
As for the mailbox, the mailboxes are also on the lower floor of Joyce (for all students) and you will have the same box all four years. Your address will be: One Winooski Park, Box #xxxx, Colchester, VT 05439. You can have packages, magazines, or anything else shipped there! It's really easy. We also have a mailbox on campus to send things. You can buy stamps and envelopes in the Bookstore in Alliot.
Hope this helps!

Ask away. There is always more to learn.

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