Friday, June 18, 2010

Mammoth Mountain, CA

Hello from Mammoth Mountain, California. It's a magical place where people can ski until the 4th of July. :-P
I'm here for a 10 day trip to do some skiing/training.

While the snow is thinning (check out the dirt patches), three lifts are open and the mountain is pretty deserted except for a few ski team and myself. The lifts open early (7:30 am) when it's "cold" outside and close at two. There are no lines and hardly any traffic on the runs, so I make something like 6-8 runs in an hour. That may not actually be a TON, but my day is usually 6-8 runs TOTAL.

Well, the training starts tomorrow! I'm training with the Mammoth Race Team for the next week before I head home for a few weeks. Then it's off to New Zealand from July 10th through August 18th! And then back to school! For a while, summer seemed like it was going to last forever, but now it seems as if it is slipping away. Of course, skiing makes the days go by even faster.

MY POINT IS: Enjoy your summer, incoming freshman! Soon enough the "Yay, I graduated" feeling will go away and while the "omg, college!" feeling is great, the school work starts and the sports practices, and the club meetings, and then there is of course some sleeping in the middle. Sleep when your dead, right?  Ha.
Don't forget, if you have questions, you can ask via my FORMSPRING or shoot me an EMAIL.
You can also find me through the Class of 2014 Facebook page.


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