Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Is there an online test you can take to figure out which language courses you need to take at SMC or is that something we have to do during student orientation day?

There is an online exam you take online first. There should have been an email with a link to the exam if you are taking it in French or Spanish. If you don't already have that, email Once you take the exam, it will tell you if you test onto the written exam based on your score. Below 240, register for a first semester course. Above 240, go onto the written exam. The written exam is taken at a registration day or during August orientation weekend. That will determine whether you test into second semester or test out of the language requirement. For other languages (not French or Spanish) you will only take a written exam. There is information in your New Student Manual on Page 11. For all the info on the language requirement,

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