Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Roommate Notices Are Just Around The Corner...

And from what I can tell via the Class of 2014 facebook page, none of you can wait to meet the person you'll be living with next year. The day you get the email/letter you'll get pretty amped to finally know their name and will probably find them on Facebook. Don't sit there and say, "No, I'm not that creepy." I know the truth.
Anyways, I thought I'd write a blog regarding some good ice breakers/ things to know about your roommate from the get-go and things to discuss before arriving at school.

Ice Breakers to Start Conversation:

- Do you have siblings? How old are they? - If you have siblings around the same age, you'll have lots to talk. I found a lot of my friends had sisters that were 14/15/16 years old that liked to steal their older sister's clothes. It's great conversation starter.

- Are you going on any summer vacations? - Summer is for relaxing, forgetting everything you learned last year, and spending time with family. For all you east coasters, I know the Vineyard is a popular summer spot. Who knows, maybe your future roommate and you can meet up while you vacation there?

- What are your hobbies? Do you play a sport? - It can seem so simple, but people love to talk about themselves and the things they are passionate about. If you like the same music, you can make plans to go see a concert. Or maybe you are both swimmers, so plan a day trip to a lake that's in between your two homes.

The point is just to learn as much about your roommate as you can. Obviously you won't know everything, but it makes the move-in a lot less awkward if you feel like you sort of know them. Now before you get to school, there are also some things you may want to discuss bringing so that you don't have double.

Things to Talk About Bringing:

- Refrigerator/Microwave - You are allowed to have a refrigerator and microwave, but no hotplate, toasters, ect. You won't want double of these as they take up quite a bit of space. If you or your roommate don't have either of these, I recommend one person buys the microwave and one the refrigerator so that at the end of the year there are no custody issues so to speak.

- Lofting Beds - My advice is for EVERYONE to loft their bed. The companies are on campus move-in day and you can reserve one ahead of time or do it the day of. It's nice to have the mid-loft so you can put dressers and such under there creating floor space. If you do a high loft or bunk beds you can make room for a couch. Just something to discuss with the new roomie.

- Printer - I've said before that students don't really need printers because we have them all over campus and printing is free! However, some students enjoy the freedom to print assignments from their bedrooms. If one roommate wants to bring a printer, you can split ink and paper if you are both going to use it.

Hope everyone is enjoying summer! Any questions for me can be left in a comment on this post, on Formspring, or you can send me an email!


How is the ski team?

I love the ski team. We are NCAA Division 1, meaning we race UVM, Middlebury, Williams, Harvard, and several other schools in the East. We do not have the strongest team out there, however we are building it up and next season could be EPIC. We have a great dryland program in the fall and next season we are hoping to be split snow training between Stowe, Smuggler's Notch, and Cochran's. If you want more info on the team, I maintain the Alpine Ski Team blog: There are athlete bios, dryland/training photos, and race results! Feel free to have a look!

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Have you had any problems with St. Mike's size with it being too much like a large high school with drama or the like?

To be completely honest, I went to a small high school so I don't have a big school experience to compare St. Michael's, too. The closest thing I have is Mean Girls. That being said, don't expect high school drama to go away because you went off to college. People don't become instantly mature and rational. It just doesn't happen. However, I feel that the fact that we all live together forces residents to resolve their problems. Issues/Rumors/Conflicts don't last very long. I haven't any major problems that have effected my life at SMC. In the long scheme of things, drama is a small road bump on a wonderful road!

Ask away. There is always more to learn.

you lived very far from St Mikes. Were you able to go to a summer program or registration day?

No, I was not. I registered for classes with the help of an adviser over the phone and sent in the sheet from the New Student Manual. I didn't get all the classes I wanted right away, but I was able to switch my schedule around later in the summer. Not being at a Registration/POW/WOW ect. wasn't a disadvantage when it came to meeting people or getting classes.

Ask away. There is always more to learn.

would you recommend buying a printer and bringing it to school, or are there enough printing facilities on campus?

I'd say you don't need a printer. If anything it takes up  valuable space. There are printers all over campus including some of the dorms. The great thing is printing is free! And why buy a printer, ink, and paper when you can have it for free? My recommendation is : No, don't bring a printer. You don't need it.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Is there an online test you can take to figure out which language courses you need to take at SMC or is that something we have to do during student orientation day?

There is an online exam you take online first. There should have been an email with a link to the exam if you are taking it in French or Spanish. If you don't already have that, email Once you take the exam, it will tell you if you test onto the written exam based on your score. Below 240, register for a first semester course. Above 240, go onto the written exam. The written exam is taken at a registration day or during August orientation weekend. That will determine whether you test into second semester or test out of the language requirement. For other languages (not French or Spanish) you will only take a written exam. There is information in your New Student Manual on Page 11. For all the info on the language requirement,

Some Information about Math Placement

If you are NOT planning to take a Calculus course during your undergraduate study at Saint Michael’s, we will miss seeing you there, but you may safely skip the rest of this message.

If you ARE planning to take an introductory Calculus course at some point during your time at Saint Michael’s, you will need to take an online Calculus readiness test this summer, before you register for courses for the fall semester. The test will provide feedback to you and your advisor about your preparation for introductory Calculus.

The test will take about an hour to complete, and you should set aside enough time to finish this in one session. More information and a link to this test can be found at Please read the information posted there, and when you are ready to take the test, follow the link.

If you have any questions about the readiness test or mathematics at Saint Michael’s, then please feel free to contact me or another member of the Mathematics Department.


George Ashline
Chair, Department of Mathematics
Saint Michael’s College

Monday, June 21, 2010

Are all classes at SMC taught in Cheray, Jeanmarie and Saint Edmunds?

Those are the 3 main academic buildings. Cheray is the Science Hall and has the biggest classroom on campus were some Intro classes and LSR's are taught. Jean Marie and Saint Ed's host everything else. If you are a Journalism student, some classes will take place in Bergeron, a building behind the Freshman quad and next to the Tennis Courts. Music classes are taught in the McCarthy Arts Center. The visual arts such as painting are taught on the North Campus in Sloane, which also houses the alternative, restaurant-style dining option. This building is accessible by bus. Sometimes with the right professors and weather, classes are held outside! :-D (I'd recommend Feature Writing: Outdoors if you want to work outside.)
xo Gabbi

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

do you know if there are any other honors courses besides the few selected first year seminars open to freshmen?

There are more Honors classes and the best place to look for them would be on Knight Vision. (You can find that here: under technology.) That is where ALL classes are listed for freshman through seniors. You can look there and see if there any classes you are interested in and then discuss the options with the adviser you meet with on registration day. However, I'm not making any promises that they allow incoming freshman take Honors classes not listed in the New Student Manual. You should also be aware that many classes can be turned into Honors classes with help from the professor.
For all the info on the Honors Program head here:

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Mammoth Mountain, CA

Hello from Mammoth Mountain, California. It's a magical place where people can ski until the 4th of July. :-P
I'm here for a 10 day trip to do some skiing/training.

While the snow is thinning (check out the dirt patches), three lifts are open and the mountain is pretty deserted except for a few ski team and myself. The lifts open early (7:30 am) when it's "cold" outside and close at two. There are no lines and hardly any traffic on the runs, so I make something like 6-8 runs in an hour. That may not actually be a TON, but my day is usually 6-8 runs TOTAL.

Well, the training starts tomorrow! I'm training with the Mammoth Race Team for the next week before I head home for a few weeks. Then it's off to New Zealand from July 10th through August 18th! And then back to school! For a while, summer seemed like it was going to last forever, but now it seems as if it is slipping away. Of course, skiing makes the days go by even faster.

MY POINT IS: Enjoy your summer, incoming freshman! Soon enough the "Yay, I graduated" feeling will go away and while the "omg, college!" feeling is great, the school work starts and the sports practices, and the club meetings, and then there is of course some sleeping in the middle. Sleep when your dead, right?  Ha.
Don't forget, if you have questions, you can ask via my FORMSPRING or shoot me an EMAIL.
You can also find me through the Class of 2014 Facebook page.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Did you and your room mate both bring a fridge and a tv?

My roommate and I split the cost of a fridge and microwave and she picked them up and brought them to SMC. She brought a TV. Talk with your roommate, but you really only need one microwave, one refrigerator, and one TV per room. If your roommate has one to bring, then don't buy one. I wouldn't recommend splitting the cost of a fridge a microwave, but I would coordinate that one of you brings a fridge and the other the microwave. This way at the end of the year, it's easy to know what is yours.

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

what is the journalism program like? I was told it is really it manageable? i.e. will I be able to minor too?

The journalism program is challenging, but not impossible (clearly). I've managed to get through year one with my some major requirements and training/competing in skiing. I won't lie and tell you that the professors will coddle you. The professors want to help, and they will be extremely critical, but if you can endure it, it's worth it. It's a wonderful program, though! The professors are highly qualified and you learn not just about writing in the journalism, but the inner-workings of the field.
As for part 2 of this question, you can declare a journalism minor. If you were wondering if you can have a minor with a journalism major, the answer is: IT'S REQUIRED! You can pick any minor you wish. I am a music minor. The list of minors can be found here:
For more info on the journalism program, head here:
Hope this is helpful!

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Exploring My Options

Here's a fun fact: Approximately 30% of Saint Michael's students study abroad, the majority of them in their junior year.
Here's another fun fact: I wasn't going to study abroad because I have been around the world and back again thanks to ski racing.
Last fun fact: I think I'll do it anyway.

So, like I said, I didn't have any intention to study abroad because I spent so much time in Austria, Chile, New Zealand, and a couple other places in between. My dad has been saying "You've spent the last two years abroad!" This is true, but skiing abroad isn't quite the same as studying abroad. It forced me to learn about places in my own, unorganized way, but I didn't get the same "culture" so to speak.
Don't think that I want to leave Saint Michael's because that has been my number one argument. I DON'T want to miss a single second of my precious time there, but still I love to travel and there is a lot of the world to see.
Right now, I am considering two options and while you may think one is the obvious "abroad" choice, hear me out, please. I am currently going back and forth between Florence, Italy or Los Angeles, CA.

Florence: I could go there, unable to speak Italian, complete my internship, and explore all of Italy.
Pros: Learn Italian, perform my internship abroad, make Italian friends, and meet cute Italian boys I can't understand
Cons: Well,  I can't think of any right now, but if I do I'll add them.

Los Angeles: Yes, I know I'm from the west coast, but you must first understand that like my dad says I've been traveling the majority of the past few years. Also, Hollywood is the center of the entertainment world as far as I am concerned and with my obviously lofty goals it's the place I need to go eventually.
Pros: Doing my internship at the entertainment capital of the world, taking classes in entertainment marketing/PR/advertising, classes are taught by people with the "in" at ABC and other big networks, make connections <-- That's a BIG selling point
Cons: Strictly speaking it's not what you'd traditionally call "abroad," but LA is it's own world. I'm not going all that far (VT is farther from me).

Well, that's my latest predicament.  If you want to check out the Study Abroad options at Saint Mike's, head to the SMC Study Abroad site. You can go almost ANYWHERE and it's a tuition exchange program which makes it exceptionally easy!

LASTLY, SOME BIG NEWS! Miss Caroline Bright, a fellow blogger, has just been named Miss Vermont 2010! Keep updated on her reign on her BLOG.You can also follow her adventures on Twitter.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and remember if you have questions you can comment here, send me an email, or ask a question using the Formspring box on the right side of this blog.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy June/Summer Plans/New Student Manual Advice

IMPT INFO from Mallory Wood: You DO need to fill out the course selection sheet prior to arriving on campus for your Academic Orientation day. You only need to mail it in, however, if you will not be coming to campus. Looking at the courses we offer and planning out a tentative schedule will make your life a lot easier when you sit down with the faculty advisor that morning. I wasn't under the impression you had to! My bad! Sorry guys!

Hey Guys,
Here's a quick video with my summer plans and my advice on your New Student Manuals.

Remember if you have questions, you can ask me via Formspring. There's a box on the right hand side of my blog, so ask away!

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