Saturday, May 15, 2010

what's the deal with theme housing?

Hey All, 
This bit is about GREAT and Honors housing. Dan, a fellow blogger, will be writing a blog about community service themed housing, which he knows more about than myself. Keep an eye out for his blog.

Theme housing is either G.R.E.A.T or Honors. GREAT housing in substance-free housing. Now the campus is entirely dry, but GREAT housers are dedicated to staying substance-free. Honors housing has rules that allow people to be more academically focused. They have different "quiet hours" and students must maintain above a 3.4 GPA. If you are serious about either of those lifestyles, it is a good idea to request that housing. If you choose these housing options, you aren't seperated from other students because there will be general housing on the floors around you. However, I have maintained above a 3.5 GPA in regular housing. It's all about preference.

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