Monday, May 31, 2010

what's the deal with co-ed floors and wings and what would you reccomend? this is a weird question but i just got my new student housing and have no idea what either is like.

Well, unless it's new this year (I haven't seen the New Student Guide) you don't choose which one you'd prefer. However, each of the freshman buildings, Ryan, Lyons, and Joyce are arranged differently. For example, this year, Lyons had boys on the first two floors and girls on the 3rd and 4th. Joyce had boys and girls on the same floors but in different wings which are separated by the main stairwell. In that situation you walk up the stairs at your floor girls would take a right and boys a left, or vice versa. I was in Joyce, so I had boys down the hall. To be honest, I'm not well acquainted with any of them and it's not as if you only meet people on your floor. During freshman activities and just wandering the floors of the buildings, you'll meet TONS of people. Also, just a random reccomendation, it was pretty popular on move in day to go walk the halls of all the buildings. Everyone's doors are open and every one is sort of nervous so it's REALLY easy to make friends! Don't be shy!
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