Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Talent Show Prep and Registration for Fall 2010

Helloooooooo there.
How goes it?
Yesterday, my friend Danielle and I auditioned for the Talent Show, which wasn't so much an audition as to just make sure it was a legitimate act. I sang "Ain't No Sunshine," but I am singing a different song in the talent show. It's a surprise, at least for you guys. Some of the other acts include a dance routine to "Ego" by Beyonce (it's awesome.) and a quartet of ladies from Acabellas. It's this Friday so anyone who is around should come! It's gonna be great. I hear it's $5 for admission, but I'll get back to you on that.
Next on my list, tie-dyed P-Day shirts.  Every year, the weekend before finals week the school has a big to do with inflatable jumpy things on the 300's field and delicious food from Burlington. There are music performances and people make t-shirts with their friends. We went with tie-dye and we will be ironing on words once we've washed them.

We also made bandannas! For P-day, but also so we can wear them skiing. :-D I will say that they turned out rather wonderfully and I have the stained fingers to prove it. I promise to show you the final project later.

Lastly, today was my registration day. I was in Group 3, which means I was last to register in the whole school. I was super worried about getting all my classes. But it all worked out. And for any of you incoming freshman chances are some of you will be in my Varieties of Christianity and if anyone is interested in music you might be in my music theory or music lab. I'm also taking Writing for Media 1, New Media II, and Chorale.  I do have 8 am classes on Tuesday-Thursday, but I don't have classes on Fridays which is way nice. :-D  SOOOOO HAPPY! :-D
Okay, I'm going to go enjoy the wonderful weather. Don't forget that if you have questions you can ask me anonymously on Formspring.

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