Monday, April 12, 2010

Pumpin' Iron

What's up? I started this post and then forgot to post it! Silly me! Welcome to Ross Sports Center and more specifically the weight room on the second floor. Attached to this room is a cardio room with some more strength equipment, but that is for a different post. 

See the fun colored weights? I like to use those instead of the gray one's because I think they look more legit. :-P They are part of an upgrade we got this year. We got some new bar sets as well as new floor, which is speckled with purple and gold and yes, I am probably one of the few who really notices.

There are free weights against the far wall in front of the large mirror. When I am on the cardio machines, I sometimes enjoy creeping through the window and watch the guys staring at their muscles. And people say girls are superficial? Ha. (Sorry, boys. I just think it's funny and makes the time pass more quickly.) I use the weight room along with a few other brave girls and I try to go in the middle of the day because there are less people watching. Right now, it's sunny and I am realizing it is almost bikini season and I have got to be prepared. I have a feeling the gym and I are going to be best friends these last few weeks.

Alright then, that is all for now. We have our spring concert, Third Eye Blind this weekend, which should be fun and also another Accepted Student Day. Hope to see some of you there! Also know that if you have questions, you can ask me via my Formspring. You can ask anonymously if you want!
Gabbi :-)

PS This made my day :-)

Gabbi, I just want to say that I love your blog and it's one of the main reasons I'm heading to St. Mike's in the fall. What have been some of your favorite experiences at SMC this year?

Oh gosh, so many. On campus, I love eating in Alliot :-P and seeing all my friends. haha. And off campus, I like going out to dinner with my friends and seeing shows at higher ground. :-) I'm so glad you like the blog!

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