Sunday, April 18, 2010

Outside and Third Eye Blind

Oh, the weekend is ending. *tear* And because I have NO desire to be productive (That is way to responsible for me.), I am going to tell you about the wonderful weather we had this week and the Spring Concert, Third Eye Blind.
This week, we had gorgeous 50 degree weather here at SMC, which gave me a million more outfit options. Then I got to give my first solo tour. :-)

From Left to Right: Natalie, Peppers, Teresa, and Me on the lawn in the middle of campus.

So the point of bragging about the beautiful weather is just to prove that there is nice weather here. I know some of you who were at the Accepted Student Day might not believe it. And the sunny days are particularly fun because people are out studying, playing Frisbee, and listening to music.
Now onto the Spring Concert. As you may know, Third Eye Blind came to our very own Ross Sports Center. :-) I must admit that at first I was skeptical. Sure, Third Eye Blind was popular... when I was in kindergarten... and I know their three hits "Semi-Charmed Life" "Jumper" and "Never Let You Go." However, I am not alone in thinking that 3EB was an outdated choice. As discouraged as I was, I bought my ticket because it's freshman year and I wanted to take it all in.
I was pleasantly surprised by the overall performance. I can't lie the lead singer is aging, but the bassist wasn't half bad to look at. Then again, I have a thing for musicians. Okay, back on track. There was a great turnout for the concert, but the crowd wasn't too crazy. My friends and I did a lot of jumping around and screaming "Wish you would step back from that ledge my friend" or "i'll never let you goooooooooooooooooo....!!!!" haha. It was REALLY fun.
The best part of the concert was seeing everyone in the same place like Alliot, but better. In my screaming and jumping, I ran into Becky from down the hall, and my teammates April and Nicole. If I jumped at the right time, I would several people from my classes. That is the great part about Saint Mike's. Even in a sea of people, you will see someone you know.

Natalie (my roommate next year) created a fabulous board for pre-concert. :-P She is very artistically gifted and she can also sing 3EB so wonderfully.

Meet 3EB and the lead singer with a REALLY odd hat. I think he is envious of Lady Gaga. Just a thought.

Just so are all aware, you are more than welcome to ask me questions right here in a comment or via Gabbi's Formspring. You can ask anonymously if you'd like. No one has to know its you! Or send me an EMAIL.


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