Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Very First P-Day :-D

Here's the deal. P-Day stands for Preparation Day. It is our weekend before the last week of classes and studying where the school brings in inflatable jumpies, slides and obstacle courses, and food like the Skinny Pancake, which people pretty unanimously most excited about. There was a Campus-Wide Barbeque next to the Women's Rugby Game vs. UVM on Friday afternoon. Then, I sang in the talent show. If you to see video of me, CLICK HERE. To see videos of several other acts, CLICK HERE.

Saturday is really the big day. I have never seen the campus so alive so early on a Saturday morning. I went to Dunkin' Donuts with a big group of friends in the morning to get my large iced coffee and apple fritter. In the photo from Left to Right: Me, Peppers, and Kate!

After our trek (2 min walk) to Dunkin', we headed back to campus for the Trike Race. It was sooooo silly. At 11 am in Alliot Circle, several teams embraced there first mode of transportation, the tricycle. Along the short course, there were hoses spraying, whip cream pies, and foam noodles.

To see video of that and the rest of P-Day, CLICK HERE.

After the race, I spent some time on the lawn with friends and some new friends enjoying the wonderful weather and waiting for the excitement that awaited us!

This is the inflatable obstacle course. It was my favorite. I WAS SOOOOO FAST. Not to be cocky or anything, but it's true. I'm legit. And the slide at the end was SUPER fun. There was also a water slide which I thoroughly enjoyed.

On this game, you were strapped in a harness attached to a bungee cord. There was Velcro in the middle and you a held a pillow with Velcro. The idea was to see who could go farther. Here you see, Reese, my roommate, and Daniel, my friend from Ryan Hall.
The great thing about Saint Mike's P-Day is that everyone is there. I saw my ski friends and my blogger friends and my dorm friends and the friends I haven't seen since ski season started. Everyone was in one place. This is Kelsey from the ski team. Clearly, we were have the GREATEST time. You can't appreciate the awesome ambiance of P-Day until you decide to come to SMC.

Don't forget to check out my video! P-DAY 2010
It has snippets of the days excitement!
If you have questions, comment here or you can use Formspring. There is a box on the right side of my blog page where you can ask anonymously.

Gabbi :-D

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