Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Break: Quebec City

Hey All!
What's goin' on? This weekend was Easter Break, a four day weekend. It was my last race series of the season at Le Relais and Stoneham, which is about a 4 hour drive from school, and for the series, my friend Shannon (a recently accepted transfer) flew out to see the school and to come race with me. There was a great deal at the Hilton for the athletes and we lucked out and got a fantastic view of Old Quebec. This is the Parliament building, and Shannon's new favorite building and she was very sad we never went in.

While I was in Quebec City, Canada's capital, I realized I have been there 3 times and have never been to Washington DC, which is a little weird, but whatever. Quebec City is pretty frikkin' cool. It's like a little taste of Europe, complete with a language I don't understand. In Old Town, the buildings all look for castles, which I think is very cool. Shannon and I spent our afternoons walking around Saint Jean street and the side streets getting lost and wearing our flannel and flip-flops.
We got A LOT of funny looks walking around in our after-ski attire because Quebec is very euro, and stylish. O well, doesn't matter. We really liked Tutto Gelato, where they speak English and have REALLY good gelato and the line was always out the door. Also, our best decision of the trip was going to Samurai Japanese food. I know that sounds weird in Quebec, but fairly consistently I have found that sushi and Japanese in Quebec is very good. This place was on Rue Saint Jean and had a large, open window to let the breeze come in. Also, the food was very reasonable and delicious and the waitresses speak English. Okay, a lot of people there speak English, but sometimes they don't and a little intimidating.

Now onto the skiing aka the whole point of the trip. The first two race days were at Le Relais, a small ski area about 15 minutes out of the city. It was about 65 degrees and as you can you see, it was perfect weather for tanning in between race runs. I wasn't thrilled with my results there, but in the end there weren't as bad as I thought and I really had a great time hanging out with my friends and soaking up some Vitamin D.
For the GS race, we went to Stoneham (about 1/2 hour from the city). There snow was melting very quickly, so they decided to try to run 2 races in one day. Ya, that didn't happen. But anyways, it was 80 degrees at the mountain and I was legitimately melting. Girls were skiing around in sports bras and sunglasses, and coaches were in board shorts. It was nice weather, but there was a lake and a river in the middle of the course not to mention the grass that was coming through. :-P Overall, verrrrry interesting.

So, it was a wonderful weekend and now, I am back in the dorm and the weather is really nice here. It's 50 degrees and I can comfortably walk around in flip-flops, not like I haven't been wearing them all year.
Coming up this week: Thursday, April 8th, Blogger Chat (Make sure to stop by!), Family Weekend, and an Accepted Student Day (April 10th) and I hope to see some of you there. I will be doing my tour guide shadow!


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