Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Beginning of the End

It's that time of the year. Teachers are cramming in info as classes end. Student leaders are passing down torches and absolutely EVERYONE wants finals week to be over.
Before anyone can go home, there are awards to be giving out and good-byes to be said. My schedule has been jam packed, but most recently I have attended the final Founder's Society meeting and Block "M" Varsity Dinner.
Yesterday at the Founder's Society final meeting, awards were given to outstanding members. We also recognized our wonderful senior coordinators. I received the female "Rookie of the Year" award for my blog and tour guiding. :-D

It was so much fun to get together with everyone before finals week.
Now onto the 63rd Annual Block "M" Varsity Dinner. This has been my favorite end of the year event.
It is a gathering of ALL varsity (NCAA Division 2) teams at St. Mike's. We have dinner and the teams recognize seniors. Coaches give out awards to outstanding athletes. I received the award for the Alpine Ski Team. I am so flattered that my coaches think so high of me. I work hard because I love the sport and competing. I want to lead the team because although skiing is an individual sport, the team should do well. Anyways, here are some photos of the Block "M" gathering.

So as you can see, there is a lot going on right now that has NOTHING to do with studying. It is ALL so much fun. While I can't wait for summer, I am sure going to miss my Saint Mike's family. Don't fool yourself, we are a FAMILY. We eat every meal together, we live together, and we share a bathroom. We are forever sisters. That's what Saint Mike's has done for me and this is only year one. How could it get any better?


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Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Very First P-Day :-D

Here's the deal. P-Day stands for Preparation Day. It is our weekend before the last week of classes and studying where the school brings in inflatable jumpies, slides and obstacle courses, and food like the Skinny Pancake, which people pretty unanimously most excited about. There was a Campus-Wide Barbeque next to the Women's Rugby Game vs. UVM on Friday afternoon. Then, I sang in the talent show. If you to see video of me, CLICK HERE. To see videos of several other acts, CLICK HERE.

Saturday is really the big day. I have never seen the campus so alive so early on a Saturday morning. I went to Dunkin' Donuts with a big group of friends in the morning to get my large iced coffee and apple fritter. In the photo from Left to Right: Me, Peppers, and Kate!

After our trek (2 min walk) to Dunkin', we headed back to campus for the Trike Race. It was sooooo silly. At 11 am in Alliot Circle, several teams embraced there first mode of transportation, the tricycle. Along the short course, there were hoses spraying, whip cream pies, and foam noodles.

To see video of that and the rest of P-Day, CLICK HERE.

After the race, I spent some time on the lawn with friends and some new friends enjoying the wonderful weather and waiting for the excitement that awaited us!

This is the inflatable obstacle course. It was my favorite. I WAS SOOOOO FAST. Not to be cocky or anything, but it's true. I'm legit. And the slide at the end was SUPER fun. There was also a water slide which I thoroughly enjoyed.

On this game, you were strapped in a harness attached to a bungee cord. There was Velcro in the middle and you a held a pillow with Velcro. The idea was to see who could go farther. Here you see, Reese, my roommate, and Daniel, my friend from Ryan Hall.
The great thing about Saint Mike's P-Day is that everyone is there. I saw my ski friends and my blogger friends and my dorm friends and the friends I haven't seen since ski season started. Everyone was in one place. This is Kelsey from the ski team. Clearly, we were have the GREATEST time. You can't appreciate the awesome ambiance of P-Day until you decide to come to SMC.

Don't forget to check out my video! P-DAY 2010
It has snippets of the days excitement!
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Gabbi :-D

What is P-Day?!

P-Day is a most glorious day at SMC. It's better than Christmas for some people! Here is a video about all the incredible things you can do!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

MLK Talent Show Clips

Hey Guys!
Here are some clips of dancers, singers, and a band from the Talent Show as promise. P-Day clips coming soon! St. Mike's Has Talent!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Talent Show Video

Hey guys!
I just uploaded this for the parents and I figured I'd share it with you.

Enjoy it! I'll be uploading a Michael Jackson Dance Mash Up, another singer, and a band. SMC's got talent.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Talent Show Prep and Registration for Fall 2010

Helloooooooo there.
How goes it?
Yesterday, my friend Danielle and I auditioned for the Talent Show, which wasn't so much an audition as to just make sure it was a legitimate act. I sang "Ain't No Sunshine," but I am singing a different song in the talent show. It's a surprise, at least for you guys. Some of the other acts include a dance routine to "Ego" by Beyonce (it's awesome.) and a quartet of ladies from Acabellas. It's this Friday so anyone who is around should come! It's gonna be great. I hear it's $5 for admission, but I'll get back to you on that.
Next on my list, tie-dyed P-Day shirts.  Every year, the weekend before finals week the school has a big to do with inflatable jumpy things on the 300's field and delicious food from Burlington. There are music performances and people make t-shirts with their friends. We went with tie-dye and we will be ironing on words once we've washed them.

We also made bandannas! For P-day, but also so we can wear them skiing. :-D I will say that they turned out rather wonderfully and I have the stained fingers to prove it. I promise to show you the final project later.

Lastly, today was my registration day. I was in Group 3, which means I was last to register in the whole school. I was super worried about getting all my classes. But it all worked out. And for any of you incoming freshman chances are some of you will be in my Varieties of Christianity and if anyone is interested in music you might be in my music theory or music lab. I'm also taking Writing for Media 1, New Media II, and Chorale.  I do have 8 am classes on Tuesday-Thursday, but I don't have classes on Fridays which is way nice. :-D  SOOOOO HAPPY! :-D
Okay, I'm going to go enjoy the wonderful weather. Don't forget that if you have questions you can ask me anonymously on Formspring.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Outside and Third Eye Blind

Oh, the weekend is ending. *tear* And because I have NO desire to be productive (That is way to responsible for me.), I am going to tell you about the wonderful weather we had this week and the Spring Concert, Third Eye Blind.
This week, we had gorgeous 50 degree weather here at SMC, which gave me a million more outfit options. Then I got to give my first solo tour. :-)

From Left to Right: Natalie, Peppers, Teresa, and Me on the lawn in the middle of campus.

So the point of bragging about the beautiful weather is just to prove that there is nice weather here. I know some of you who were at the Accepted Student Day might not believe it. And the sunny days are particularly fun because people are out studying, playing Frisbee, and listening to music.
Now onto the Spring Concert. As you may know, Third Eye Blind came to our very own Ross Sports Center. :-) I must admit that at first I was skeptical. Sure, Third Eye Blind was popular... when I was in kindergarten... and I know their three hits "Semi-Charmed Life" "Jumper" and "Never Let You Go." However, I am not alone in thinking that 3EB was an outdated choice. As discouraged as I was, I bought my ticket because it's freshman year and I wanted to take it all in.
I was pleasantly surprised by the overall performance. I can't lie the lead singer is aging, but the bassist wasn't half bad to look at. Then again, I have a thing for musicians. Okay, back on track. There was a great turnout for the concert, but the crowd wasn't too crazy. My friends and I did a lot of jumping around and screaming "Wish you would step back from that ledge my friend" or "i'll never let you goooooooooooooooooo....!!!!" haha. It was REALLY fun.
The best part of the concert was seeing everyone in the same place like Alliot, but better. In my screaming and jumping, I ran into Becky from down the hall, and my teammates April and Nicole. If I jumped at the right time, I would several people from my classes. That is the great part about Saint Mike's. Even in a sea of people, you will see someone you know.

Natalie (my roommate next year) created a fabulous board for pre-concert. :-P She is very artistically gifted and she can also sing 3EB so wonderfully.

Meet 3EB and the lead singer with a REALLY odd hat. I think he is envious of Lady Gaga. Just a thought.

Just so are all aware, you are more than welcome to ask me questions right here in a comment or via Gabbi's Formspring. You can ask anonymously if you'd like. No one has to know its you! Or send me an EMAIL.


Monday, April 12, 2010

Pumpin' Iron

What's up? I started this post and then forgot to post it! Silly me! Welcome to Ross Sports Center and more specifically the weight room on the second floor. Attached to this room is a cardio room with some more strength equipment, but that is for a different post. 

See the fun colored weights? I like to use those instead of the gray one's because I think they look more legit. :-P They are part of an upgrade we got this year. We got some new bar sets as well as new floor, which is speckled with purple and gold and yes, I am probably one of the few who really notices.

There are free weights against the far wall in front of the large mirror. When I am on the cardio machines, I sometimes enjoy creeping through the window and watch the guys staring at their muscles. And people say girls are superficial? Ha. (Sorry, boys. I just think it's funny and makes the time pass more quickly.) I use the weight room along with a few other brave girls and I try to go in the middle of the day because there are less people watching. Right now, it's sunny and I am realizing it is almost bikini season and I have got to be prepared. I have a feeling the gym and I are going to be best friends these last few weeks.

Alright then, that is all for now. We have our spring concert, Third Eye Blind this weekend, which should be fun and also another Accepted Student Day. Hope to see some of you there! Also know that if you have questions, you can ask me via my Formspring. You can ask anonymously if you want!
Gabbi :-)

PS This made my day :-)

Gabbi, I just want to say that I love your blog and it's one of the main reasons I'm heading to St. Mike's in the fall. What have been some of your favorite experiences at SMC this year?

Oh gosh, so many. On campus, I love eating in Alliot :-P and seeing all my friends. haha. And off campus, I like going out to dinner with my friends and seeing shows at higher ground. :-) I'm so glad you like the blog!

Ask me anything

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Doooooo!

Firstly, I want to say that I hope everyone who attended Accepted Student Day learned a lot about the school and is now more acquainted with and excited about SMC! I shadowed my second tour and it seems to me the parents love to ask questions. I want to encourage you guys (accepted students) to ask questions as well. All concerns are important. Okay, that is my bit. Can't wait to see more of you next weekend!
Now as part of Accepted Students Day and Parents Weekend, there are lots of activities and performances. It McCarthy there is a showing of the "The Notebook of Trigorin," which I hear wonderful things about. On Friday night, a senior had her senior recital and was joined by several vocal students and she asked that viewers donated to a fund for cancer treatment of an alumni's child.
Today, the three acapella groups on campus performed in the McCarthy Art Center. We have the "Sleepless Knights," a coed group, "Mike Check," the men's group, and our newest group,"Acabellas," an all girls group. My friend, Emma, is in the group Acabellas and she led their opening number "Viva La Vida" by Coldplay. Of course, she didn't tell ANY of us, but she did a fabulous job!

Meet "Sleepless Knights." They performed "If You Could Only See" and "I'm Yours." They were fabulous!

Let me introduce "Acabellas." They have been together for three months and for such a small time together they were extraordinary. They opened with a mesh of "Viva La Vida" and the hit song "Down." They also performed "Party in the USA" and "Don't Stop Believing."

Last, but certainly not least is "Mike Check." An extremely talented group of college men, they sang Disney classics "Make a Man Out of You" from Mulan and "Can You Feel The Love Tonight?" from the Lion King. They were also extremely comical making a true performance for their audience.
Here at St. Mike's, there are many artistically inclined individuals. In order to allow them to show off, there is talent show in two weeks held by the MLK Jr. Society on campus. I'm am planning on performing in it with my friend, Peppers.
Okay, hope to see you all next weekend at the Accepted Student Day.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Welcome to "The Spot"

Dear Future Purple Knights,
Today I am going to highlight one of my favorite restaurants in the Burlington area, The Spot. I have talked about it before, but now I have pictures!
The Spot is a renovated gas station with big open windows, outdoor seating when weather permits, and a beach theme.

Best part of the spot? They serve breakfast all day! :-) So I can come in 1 pm and have pancakes, which I crave every once in a while. I also like the palm trees and there is a fish tank (not pictured :-( )
The booth seating covers are made of old windsurfing kites, which ads to the undeniable west coast style of the place. It's like a little vacation from the Vermont wilderness.

The menu items are named after surf terminology like "The Waikiki," a famous beach in Honolulu and "The Haleiwa" a famous North Shore town hosting competitions like Pipeline Masters. One of my favorites (of course I can't remember the name) is the breakfast burrito, or the "Morning Safari" where you design your omlette. Or the Cheesesteak is really good or the tuna melt, or the fruity, chocolate covered crepes that are under the breakfast menu so you can feel better about eating dessert for a meal :-P It's totally worth it. They are BOMB.

The Spot can be accessed via the bus system in Burlington, which is free with the Knight Card. It takes two buses since it's on Shelburne Rd, but it's not a long trek by any means. I recommend this for anyone looking for an Alliot break at a reasonable price. Hopefully, I'll highlight some more places in Burlington that are popular (or new, undiscovered) places that students like to visit.
Don't forget: Blogger Chat tomorrow night!
And I hope to see you at Accepted Student Day in the next few weeks!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Break: Quebec City

Hey All!
What's goin' on? This weekend was Easter Break, a four day weekend. It was my last race series of the season at Le Relais and Stoneham, which is about a 4 hour drive from school, and for the series, my friend Shannon (a recently accepted transfer) flew out to see the school and to come race with me. There was a great deal at the Hilton for the athletes and we lucked out and got a fantastic view of Old Quebec. This is the Parliament building, and Shannon's new favorite building and she was very sad we never went in.

While I was in Quebec City, Canada's capital, I realized I have been there 3 times and have never been to Washington DC, which is a little weird, but whatever. Quebec City is pretty frikkin' cool. It's like a little taste of Europe, complete with a language I don't understand. In Old Town, the buildings all look for castles, which I think is very cool. Shannon and I spent our afternoons walking around Saint Jean street and the side streets getting lost and wearing our flannel and flip-flops.
We got A LOT of funny looks walking around in our after-ski attire because Quebec is very euro, and stylish. O well, doesn't matter. We really liked Tutto Gelato, where they speak English and have REALLY good gelato and the line was always out the door. Also, our best decision of the trip was going to Samurai Japanese food. I know that sounds weird in Quebec, but fairly consistently I have found that sushi and Japanese in Quebec is very good. This place was on Rue Saint Jean and had a large, open window to let the breeze come in. Also, the food was very reasonable and delicious and the waitresses speak English. Okay, a lot of people there speak English, but sometimes they don't and a little intimidating.

Now onto the skiing aka the whole point of the trip. The first two race days were at Le Relais, a small ski area about 15 minutes out of the city. It was about 65 degrees and as you can you see, it was perfect weather for tanning in between race runs. I wasn't thrilled with my results there, but in the end there weren't as bad as I thought and I really had a great time hanging out with my friends and soaking up some Vitamin D.
For the GS race, we went to Stoneham (about 1/2 hour from the city). There snow was melting very quickly, so they decided to try to run 2 races in one day. Ya, that didn't happen. But anyways, it was 80 degrees at the mountain and I was legitimately melting. Girls were skiing around in sports bras and sunglasses, and coaches were in board shorts. It was nice weather, but there was a lake and a river in the middle of the course not to mention the grass that was coming through. :-P Overall, verrrrry interesting.

So, it was a wonderful weekend and now, I am back in the dorm and the weather is really nice here. It's 50 degrees and I can comfortably walk around in flip-flops, not like I haven't been wearing them all year.
Coming up this week: Thursday, April 8th, Blogger Chat (Make sure to stop by!), Family Weekend, and an Accepted Student Day (April 10th) and I hope to see some of you there. I will be doing my tour guide shadow!


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