Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You Know You Go To Saint Mike's When...

Hey, hey, hey!
As you may know, the floors of the freshman hall of boards that the RA's decorate with everything from Spring Destinations to ideas for inexpensive dates. While I was hauling my 3 weeks of laundry to the laundry room, I stumbled upon the first floor girl's board which was titled "You Know You Go To Saint Mike's When..."
I took pics of a few of them here. This first one is so true. When I see people that are really coordinated for their 8 am classes I am always bewildered. I can't even think when I wake up in the morning, let alone put together an attractive outfit.

I never really though bicycles were dorky, but having a bicycle at school to get around seems to be very popular.

Definitely can be the highlight of the day, especially when you get a fun piece of paper that says you need to pick up a package :-D It's always a big day for me. I am expecting new ski poles in the next few days!

While I have yet to do this, I do have a wonderful bag of change in my drawer just begging to be used and my late night cookie and coffee craving might be the perfect time.

OMG! The best. Really. Doesn't get any better than a pre-dinner nap.

I thought it was a cute idea as the year is quickly coming to an end. Its crazy. People always said my freshman year would fly by, but it REALLY does. It was a sort of reflection on the fun quirks we've come to love here at SMC. When you come here, I am sure you'll come to enjoy these quirks and find some of your own.


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