Monday, March 1, 2010

The Good, the Bad, and the Completely Random

Hello All!
I currently have some time before a floor meeting, so I thought I'd give you guys a look at the laundry rooms here at St. Mike's. Without further ado, welcome to the Joyce Hall laundry room.

Here are the washing machines. There are seven of them. On a Sunday morning, the laundry room is often overwhelmed with clothes. To do laundry, students need to make sure they have enough money on their Knight Card. The Knight Card is our student ID to which students can add money to use for laundry, get food at the vending machines on campus, purchase food at the Knight Stand, and pick school supplies in the book store. The Knight Card is also accepted at many off-campus locations such as the Skinny Pancake and Boloco.

On a more random note, we have some very strange weather this past week. At first, we were gifted with at least 12 inches of new snow, something we have not seen in quite a while. Then it proceeded to down pour rain off and on for a few days. This combined with unusually warm temperatures turned the campus into a giant puddle, which is fine if you are someone who owns rain boots. I am still one of the few who hasn't purchased any yet, but if there is one thing you should bring to college, its rain boots. You can wear them in snow and rain and you will be happy your feet are dry. Let me tell, flopping about in Uggs is not fun at all... Of course, good things can come of bad weather. For example, snow sculptures. They are increasingly popular on campus. Here is a dragon, or gargoyle, that sat in front of Saint Ed's after the snow fall last week.

Now, that the snow appears to be disappearing once again, the college race season has ended. :-( We competed in our final race this weekend (postponed a day due to the weather). On Friday night, before the race, the Purple Knights and all other ski teams in EISA got dolled up for a dinner banquet. To see pictures, check out the Alpine Ski Team blog. The boys all looked so handsome in their ties. They shaved and they may have even showered! We all enjoyed ourselves and a few of us were named to the 2010 All Academic Intercollegiate Ski Team. To receive the award, student-athletes must get above 3.5 GPA in the fall semester and compete in Eastern Championships. It was lots of fun to see everyone in the ski world our of their speedsuits and helmets.
While I am sad that the college season is over as it has been SO MUCH FUN, but I have a few more races in the next month to improve my rankings a little bit.
Time for my floor meeting!


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