Monday, March 22, 2010

Auburn, CA and Intramurals

I am back at school and it is raining. :-( Ugh. I want my sunshine back! So it goes, I suppose.
Before I came back, I made a trip to Auburn, California for my travel piece in Intro to Writing. It was so nice at 75 degrees. I was in my shorts and a t-shirt and I was so excited to have a taste of summer.
This first picture is a mermaid costume at this store called "Those Were The Days" which has all this awesome vintage clothing. I'd love to find next years Halloween costume there!

This is my mom's favorite chewing gum. It tastes like black licorice and you can't find it many places.

And here is this REALLY cool blown glass at a local art gallery. I'd like to go back and buy some great art prints for my room next year.

If you can see, there is a large mural with a map of Auburn on this building, which was really cool, but you probably can't see much detail. You can tell how nice the weather was, though!

It was so nice to go home for a bit. I was lucky enough to race at Sugar Bowl, my old home mountain. My old friends, Sarah, Kelly, Twiggy, and Shannon, were all there amongst many others. I'm currently recruiting Twiggy to come to SMC. She was accepted and is coming to visit me next week. Anyways, I got 2nd, which is the point of this story. I was so excited to get a podium. I won the second run, which was great. I probably could have won the whole thing, but my first run wasn't aggressive enough. Live and learn.. live and learn...

Okay, now back to school.
I have long been trying to decide what to tell you all about next and then I received an email titled "Intramural Dance Class." Zumba, Athletic Yoga and Flow Yoga are being offered for the next six weeks until school ends.
Tonight I did Athletic Yoga from 6 pm to 7:15 pm with my roommate, Teresa, and my friends, Kate and Sarah. (You've heard of and see them before.) Our instructor was Kat. The class was small, 7 people, and is only 10 dollars. That's what I love. I can take 6 yoga classes to get ready for swimsuit season for 10 dollars.
We were in the dance studio near the gym. I do not own a yoga mat, so I used a work out mat in the studio. (I do plan on buying a mat, tho. I think it will be more comfortable.) I knew going in that the stretching and balance involved in yoga is difficult, but man oh, man did I use muscles I didn't no I had. My glutius maximus was BURNING during some of the balancing and I haven't stretched like that since my gymnastics days. ooooooo, it felt good.
Now, I really must write my paragraph for philosophy. I keep procrastinating. Ugh!
Talk to y'all later.


PS. Don't forget the Blogger Chat on Thursday night! We'll be around to answer your questions!

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