Saturday, March 27, 2010

Guest Blog: Tita Vizcarra, Editor of OMGee Magazine

Hey Prospectives (and Parents who care what your child wear to class!)
How is everyone? Okay, I am so excited right now! I made a new friend, Tita Vizcarra, Editor-in-Chief of OMgee Magazine! As someone who struggled with what to pack for college a whole 7 months ago, I thought it would be great some ideas for you (guys and girls!) on college essentials! Tita's magazine is truly awesome and her fashion sense is, of course, impeccable! Tita has been wonderful enough to compile 12 essentials for each gender and tells you just how to wear them for all occasions!

St. Michael's 12 College Essentials

You've just been accepted to the best college in the entire country, congratulations! Did St. Michael's give you a brochure on what to pack? Have you done your research on how the climate is in Vermont in all the seasons? The answer would probably be no to either of those questions, but don't worry, I've got you covered. It doesn't matter what kind of climate you come across these 12 essentials for both men and women will save you from over packing. You'll be in style without breaking budget each season.

Listen up, guys! It's time to polish your look and you have it way easier than the girls (shhh). Since high school is a thing of the past, a college student must look the part of a young professional. After all, it's what you are trying to be. So leave your slouchy jeans and over-sized t-shirts at home. (And don't you dare go to class is sweats! Remember the way represent yourself says a lot about who you are.)
Your 12 essentials are: 1) black leather jacket, 2) light scarf, 3) navy blue/black long sleeve, 4) dressy, long sleeve, button-down shirt, 5) brown boots, 6) plain white t-shirt, 7) hydrating lotion, 8) black gloves, 9) button down, casual, short sleeve, 10) dark wash jeans, 11) dressy black shoes, and 12) a pair of cool sunglasses. You can create more than 10 outfits for all seasons with just there 12 essentials! Here are some examples by numbers (refer to picture below):

Spring- Monday Class
3 + 9 + 10 + 5 + 12
* Note: Unbutton #9

Fall - Job Interview
4 + 1 + 10 + 11 +7
*Note: The hydrating lotion keeps your skin from flaking during the fall, winter and even the chilly moments of spring.

Winter - Night Out
1 +6 + 2 + 7 + 10

(Click here for a BIGGER IMAGE)
Here's where the over packing comes into place. We, ladies, want to bring our entire close no matter how far or how long we travel. Let me make it easier for you by also giving you 12 basic closet essentials that will keep you in style all season long without having to purchase new items each season! Save that cash instead and treat yourself to a relaxing day at the spa to cleanse yourself of the hard work you'll be doing during your semester(s).
College always feels like a rush to every student. You start to care less about what you wear and start to focus more on school -as it should be- but that shouldn't keep you from looking your best. Like I told the boys, the way you dress says a lot about who you are. I know it gets stressful with midterms, athletics, and relationships and the last thing you care about is how you look, but ladies, restrain yourself from wearing over-sized, unflattering sweaters and sweatpants. (We are more prone to wear this fashion "don't" than men.) With that said, I need you ladies to take an oath right now! Copy and paste the following sentence in a comment below and take the oath:

I, (insert name here), will NOT wear sweat and/or over-sized sweaters to class with the exception of Fridays, where I am only allowed to wear one of the two.

Your 12 essentials are: 1) black bomber jacket, 2) all-purpose, black dress, 3) black shoulder bag, 4) brown boots, 5) plain white tee, 6) print fitted skirt, 7) light scarf, 8) statement necklace, 9) gray blazer, 10) dark wash skinny jeans, 11) sunglasses, and 12) a great pair of heels - short or small. You can now create more that 10 outfits! Here are some examples by number (refer to photo above):

Spring: Night Out
2 + 8 + 12

Fall: Group Meeting
9 + 5 + 6 + 12 + 7 + 11 + 3

Winter: First Day Back
1 + 5 + 8 + 10 + 4 + 3 + 11

I hope these 12 essentials can help ease pain of over packing in general! Stay along these lines and you will be just fine. Good luck!

- Tita


I hope this is helpful to you! (It's helpful to me :-P)

PS Don't forget there is another blogger chat Thursday, April 8th from 7 pm to 9 pm. We, your faithful bloggers, will be answering questions.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You Know You Go To Saint Mike's When...

Hey, hey, hey!
As you may know, the floors of the freshman hall of boards that the RA's decorate with everything from Spring Destinations to ideas for inexpensive dates. While I was hauling my 3 weeks of laundry to the laundry room, I stumbled upon the first floor girl's board which was titled "You Know You Go To Saint Mike's When..."
I took pics of a few of them here. This first one is so true. When I see people that are really coordinated for their 8 am classes I am always bewildered. I can't even think when I wake up in the morning, let alone put together an attractive outfit.

I never really though bicycles were dorky, but having a bicycle at school to get around seems to be very popular.

Definitely can be the highlight of the day, especially when you get a fun piece of paper that says you need to pick up a package :-D It's always a big day for me. I am expecting new ski poles in the next few days!

While I have yet to do this, I do have a wonderful bag of change in my drawer just begging to be used and my late night cookie and coffee craving might be the perfect time.

OMG! The best. Really. Doesn't get any better than a pre-dinner nap.

I thought it was a cute idea as the year is quickly coming to an end. Its crazy. People always said my freshman year would fly by, but it REALLY does. It was a sort of reflection on the fun quirks we've come to love here at SMC. When you come here, I am sure you'll come to enjoy these quirks and find some of your own.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Auburn, CA and Intramurals

I am back at school and it is raining. :-( Ugh. I want my sunshine back! So it goes, I suppose.
Before I came back, I made a trip to Auburn, California for my travel piece in Intro to Writing. It was so nice at 75 degrees. I was in my shorts and a t-shirt and I was so excited to have a taste of summer.
This first picture is a mermaid costume at this store called "Those Were The Days" which has all this awesome vintage clothing. I'd love to find next years Halloween costume there!

This is my mom's favorite chewing gum. It tastes like black licorice and you can't find it many places.

And here is this REALLY cool blown glass at a local art gallery. I'd like to go back and buy some great art prints for my room next year.

If you can see, there is a large mural with a map of Auburn on this building, which was really cool, but you probably can't see much detail. You can tell how nice the weather was, though!

It was so nice to go home for a bit. I was lucky enough to race at Sugar Bowl, my old home mountain. My old friends, Sarah, Kelly, Twiggy, and Shannon, were all there amongst many others. I'm currently recruiting Twiggy to come to SMC. She was accepted and is coming to visit me next week. Anyways, I got 2nd, which is the point of this story. I was so excited to get a podium. I won the second run, which was great. I probably could have won the whole thing, but my first run wasn't aggressive enough. Live and learn.. live and learn...

Okay, now back to school.
I have long been trying to decide what to tell you all about next and then I received an email titled "Intramural Dance Class." Zumba, Athletic Yoga and Flow Yoga are being offered for the next six weeks until school ends.
Tonight I did Athletic Yoga from 6 pm to 7:15 pm with my roommate, Teresa, and my friends, Kate and Sarah. (You've heard of and see them before.) Our instructor was Kat. The class was small, 7 people, and is only 10 dollars. That's what I love. I can take 6 yoga classes to get ready for swimsuit season for 10 dollars.
We were in the dance studio near the gym. I do not own a yoga mat, so I used a work out mat in the studio. (I do plan on buying a mat, tho. I think it will be more comfortable.) I knew going in that the stretching and balance involved in yoga is difficult, but man oh, man did I use muscles I didn't no I had. My glutius maximus was BURNING during some of the balancing and I haven't stretched like that since my gymnastics days. ooooooo, it felt good.
Now, I really must write my paragraph for philosophy. I keep procrastinating. Ugh!
Talk to y'all later.


PS. Don't forget the Blogger Chat on Thursday night! We'll be around to answer your questions!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break in Lake Tahoe

Hey Everyone!

It's SPRING BREAK for the Purple Knights this week and it couldn't have come at a more perfect time. I was in desperate need of a break from school.

On Day One, my parents and I went on a two hour tour of the Incline Village, Nevada area, where my parents recently moved. The weather was beautiful and I had forgotten how blue the lake is. I can't wait to spend lots of time there.
I am actually applying for summer jobs right now and hopefully I will get to work at the Hyatt's day camp for kids. Then I'd get to art projects and nature walks all summer. Sounds pretty good, right?! If I don't get the job, I am hoping to work at one of the beaches in Incline. Either way, I'll be working on my tan.

On Day Two, I headed for Diamond Peak for some GS training. :-) It was sunny and it's one of the few places I haven't skied, but it's really cool because there are some unreal views of Lake Tahoe there!

On Day Three, I headed to Sugar Bowl. I trained slalom on my own old home hill. I skied at Sugar Bowl for a long time before switching to SRI. Anyways, once again it was sunny and I was sweating. No one ever said skiing was glamorous.

And because I like to make the rounds, I headed to Boreal today. It is a really small mountain off of HW 80 with a whole lot of park for the free riders and snowboarders in the area, but also a race arena. I jumped in with my friend, Shannon, who I am currently recruiting to St. Mike's. She just got her acceptance letter and is coming to visit me in a few weeks! Can't wait!! We trained GS once again under beautiful skies and then headed to Tacos Jaliscos, the best Mexican food restaurant ever, and ate way to much food.

Hope everyone is having a great second semester and Spring! For all you accepted students, don't forget about the upcoming Blogger Chat on March 25th. Currents students will be available to answer any questions you have about Saint Michael's.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Tour Blog 2

Here's a tour of the Chapel, parts of the Ross Sports Center, the ski room, and Joyce Hall.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Video Blog

Here is a video I put together with some clips from around the school.

Aren't We Good Lookin'?

This is the ski team at Eastern Championships in Middlebury. We clean up pretty good, huh?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Another Higher Ground Adventure :-)

Welcome to Higher Ground. That is a guitar that sits in the lobby area. It's big and has pretty designs and is signed by someone famous. I didn't read the plaque, but you can go and learn about it on your own.
I was at Higher Ground last night ( a Tuesday... I still think it's cool I can go to a concert on a Tuesday night because I'm in college and no one is really telling me what to do... and I had my homework done so...) to see Mikey Wax, Serena Ryder, and Howie Day. I won the tickets through a Facebook contest done by our school's radio station, WWPV. There are always contests for tickets to concerts, which is great because I probably wouldn't have gone if I had to pay for a ticket. Not that they are at all expensive, but to be honest Howie Day isn't a big enought name to tempt the lonely twenty sitting in my wallet.

This is Mikey Wax when he was playing guitar and piano in the same song. It was very cool. I mean I'm no musical genius, but I think we can safely assume that it took a bit of practice. My favorite song in his set was called "The Last Great Song," which tells the story of a man he met in New York City who asked for change in exchange for hearing "The Last Great Song." Wax's song wasn't a copy of it, but a story about it. I thought it was wonderful.

Now, meet Serena Ryder, who is now one of my favorite artists. When I found out she was opening, I did some research. Her sound reminds me of Alanis Morrisette or Minnie Driver with a whole lot of sass. I have to say, I love her more live than recorded. Maybe it's her stage presence, but she was quirky in a red flapper style dress and seemed completely into what she was doing. She played her miniature guitar, stomped around in her boots, and made the whole place shake with her vocals. Really, it was amazing. I would kill for her vocals. To be honest, I like her far more than Howie Day. She was the best part of the show. I am hoping to go see her again on May 5th (even though it's the middle of finals week.....).

... And now, Howie Day. I have to say I'm very conflicted on my feelings towards him. Yes, he is VERY cute. And yes, he plays guitar, piano, and writes songs. So, I guess he's sort of perfect? Except for the looping. Now I understand that recorded music has lots of layers and editing, but I like concerts because when it is an individual, it is there voice and a singular instrument. It's very raw. Don't get me wrong, I would be so down to go to a Beyonce concert with edited beats, but it's just not what I expect out of someone who I wouldn't consider to be in the pop genre. (That's just me.) When he first came on, I was a little thrown off by the fancy footwork on the looper and "echo creator"(That's probably not what it's called, but you get the point.) As the show progressed, it grew on me. I have a feeling this is because he was very charming and funny on stage and as I've said VERY attractive.
Who knows?

That's all for now.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Good, the Bad, and the Completely Random

Hello All!
I currently have some time before a floor meeting, so I thought I'd give you guys a look at the laundry rooms here at St. Mike's. Without further ado, welcome to the Joyce Hall laundry room.

Here are the washing machines. There are seven of them. On a Sunday morning, the laundry room is often overwhelmed with clothes. To do laundry, students need to make sure they have enough money on their Knight Card. The Knight Card is our student ID to which students can add money to use for laundry, get food at the vending machines on campus, purchase food at the Knight Stand, and pick school supplies in the book store. The Knight Card is also accepted at many off-campus locations such as the Skinny Pancake and Boloco.

On a more random note, we have some very strange weather this past week. At first, we were gifted with at least 12 inches of new snow, something we have not seen in quite a while. Then it proceeded to down pour rain off and on for a few days. This combined with unusually warm temperatures turned the campus into a giant puddle, which is fine if you are someone who owns rain boots. I am still one of the few who hasn't purchased any yet, but if there is one thing you should bring to college, its rain boots. You can wear them in snow and rain and you will be happy your feet are dry. Let me tell, flopping about in Uggs is not fun at all... Of course, good things can come of bad weather. For example, snow sculptures. They are increasingly popular on campus. Here is a dragon, or gargoyle, that sat in front of Saint Ed's after the snow fall last week.

Now, that the snow appears to be disappearing once again, the college race season has ended. :-( We competed in our final race this weekend (postponed a day due to the weather). On Friday night, before the race, the Purple Knights and all other ski teams in EISA got dolled up for a dinner banquet. To see pictures, check out the Alpine Ski Team blog. The boys all looked so handsome in their ties. They shaved and they may have even showered! We all enjoyed ourselves and a few of us were named to the 2010 All Academic Intercollegiate Ski Team. To receive the award, student-athletes must get above 3.5 GPA in the fall semester and compete in Eastern Championships. It was lots of fun to see everyone in the ski world our of their speedsuits and helmets.
While I am sad that the college season is over as it has been SO MUCH FUN, but I have a few more races in the next month to improve my rankings a little bit.
Time for my floor meeting!


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