Monday, February 8, 2010

Sudden Urges, Fast Skiing, and Homework (or a lack there of...)

Please excuse my absence. It's only a week, but I really try to keep you guys up to date! I have been very busy with skiing. I mean I am usually busy, but I have been up VERY early the past few days for the University of Vermont Carnival at Stowe and Eastern Cup races at Middlebury Skibowl.
Let me start with Thursday. After my Intro to Philosophy class, I had a sudden urge to knit... It's not totally random since I have been knitting for several years, but it was random since I haven't done it since winter break. I was suddenly determined to purchase yarn and needles. I grabbed the shuttle to North Campus, where freshman park their cars, with my roommate, Teresa. Teresa tagged along cause she was bored and didn't want to sit around the home. We ventured down to Michael's craft store in Burlington, which is about a 5 minute drive. I picked up my supplies and we then headed back to campus. I know what you are thinking.. WOW! Great story. I know yarn is SUPER exciting. :-P When we got back, I started my headband with black and red yarn.
Friday was the first day of the UVM Carnival at Stowe. We raced GS on the hill next to the new lodge and for the life of me I can't remember the name of the new lodge right now, but its real nice. I had a pretty awesome day. I scored a very tiny amount (I'm referring to the points system in skiing), but a score is a score and that is good enough for me. I REALLY liked the hill at Stowe. There was a lot of terrain and the weather was BEAUTIFUL! The next day was slalom. I really wish I had finished. I have really been struggling with that. I hiked at first because there are team points at stake at the college races, but the second time I struggled, I went out. Slalom is really hard that way. You push it to hard and there is a good chance you'll make big mistakes, but if you hold back, then you'll be slow, which defeats the purpose of racing. It is often said slalom is a series of recoveries. Apparently, I need to work on that.
On Sunday, Kelsey, Ashley, and I headed to Middlebury for some Eastern Cups. I was really hoping to ski well there because my slalom points recently increased and that means my start number got higher! Ah! Scary thought! I couldn't be happier with how the race went. Well, I mean winning would have been nice, but I have come to enjoy my own personal victories. That's what gets me by. I got 16th place coming from 51st and scored some points. Yay! Today, wasn't quite as good because I didn't finish.. I had a VERY embarrassing moment. I skated out of the start and proceeded to catch an edge on the flats on the third gate and fell over. Ya, embarrassing.
Okay, now that I have successfully procrastinated on my philosophy homework I should probably get on that. I hope every one is having a great second semester and for all you seniors, I hope the senioritis isn't getting you too bad!


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