Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh my goodness, it's been over a week! I've just been so busy and time is flying. It's almost spring break. I've only got about 2 more months of freshman year... oh my goodness. That's no time at all. As you can tell, I'm freaking out about how quickly time seems to be passing. My college ski season is almost over with championships at Middlebury this weekend. I will continue skiing until April doing Eastern Cups and hopefully, North American Cup Finals. Enough about that. I just got news from my parents that we have moved! Not far, only about 1/2 an hour, but we are now in Nevada and walking distance to Lake Tahoe. The picture below is my dad standing next to the lake! Ah, I am so excited for the summer! My parents also informed me I might be heading to Hawaii again for a few weeks, which would do wonders for my tan. :-P

I'm going to abruptly change topics now to the fact that is DUMPING snow outside. I woke up this morning to the glaring white of freshly fallen snow. I'm guestimating that we got about a foot, maybe more on campus. (See picture below: a view from Alliot) The campus was looking rather bleak with the lack of snow in February, but it seems the snow gods are happy and so is everyone on campus. It was very noticeable in my classes that today was a day to use up unexcused absences for a powder day as it is surely on of the few we will have this semester. And while the school doesn't really have snow days, many students had their fingers crossed that individual professors would cancel class. I wasn't so fortunate, but I did get out of my intro to writing class early.
In my intro to writing class, I am currently writing (a total shock, I know) a human interest piece on the US Elite Air Program. A program designed to get gymnasts into aerial skiing. My focus is a girl I trained with one summer who is one of the programs "babies" and is competing in Olympic Aerial finals tonight! I can't wait to watch! (Good Luck, Ashley!) She's only 16 and she is a tremendous athlete and I think she is a wonderful subject for the piece.

Now, I am off to a blogger lunch! I hope everyone is doing awesome!


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