Monday, February 15, 2010

Good Job... Great Success.

Oh, so much fun has happened!
This weekend I was racing at Dartmouth Skiway, NH. It was the 100th Dartmouth Carnival, which I think is pretty cool. The team had a great race! I had one of my best race series of the season :-)! I finished all three races, which is a big deal, and I scored some serious points in giant slalom. I also had my first top 10 finish of the season at the Eastern Cup on Sunday! I am so happy! To see all the ski team's results, check out the SMC Alpine Ski Team Blog.
Also, my sister is here visiting! She came to the Eastern Cup at Dartmouth on Sunday and then snagged a ride back to campus with me. (Don't worry, I beat her :-P) On Sunday night, we went to the Three Tomatoes for dinner YUM and then went to Ben and Jerry's for some dessert. We then came back to the Joyce home for some much needed sleep. Racing, plus driving = exhaustion. Today, we woke up late and then headed to my favorite breakfast place, The Spot, in Shelbourne. It's this fixed up gas station transformed into a Hawaiian, surf-inspired breakfast and lunch restaurant. It is DELICIOUS! I totally recommend it. After that, we browsed TJ Maxx (my favorite store) before heading into Burlington. Maddi wanted to browse Church Street before getting massages at Jivana Holistic Spa on Church Street. I had never been before, but I was really happy with the hot stone massage. It was so relaxing and I am feeling refreshed and ready to go. However, I still don't want school to start up again on Wednesday. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with work and skiing right now. Nothing I can't handle, but still a little stressful. Now, Maddi is skyping with her friend from school and I am driving her back to her school tomorrow. She is really loving SMC (I'm recruiting her nice and early to come here!).
That is all I've got for now!
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Oh, and one more reminder! The contest for all you prospective students is STILL HAPPENING.Here's the contest:

The SMC Bloggers are doing a contest to find out what YOU want to read about in an upcoming blog.
Leave a comment on this post with a creative, fun, unique topic for a blog post. All of the SMC Bloggers will get together on February 28th to decide which ideas we like best. Feel free to leave as many Blog topics as you want and don't forget to include your name and email address so we contact you!! If we pick your suggestion then you will win a fun prize!* Then check back and see us blogging YOUR ideas! I want to know what you WANT to know! I'm don't have much of a purpose if I'm not helping you guys pick St. Mikes!!
Don’t forget! The first SMC Blogger chat of the Spring Semester is Thursday night! February 04 from 7-9PM. See you there!

*Remember only high school students can win!


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