Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Busy, busy, dizzy, dizzy....

It feels like I never have a spare moment, and how wonderful it is! Let's be real here, you don't want to be stressed, but its no fun to be unbearably bored. Between skiing and school, maintaining a "life," and getting my 8 hours of sleep, every minute counts. Here's what a typical Monday in my life looks like:

7:45 am - Wake up
8:30 am - American Politics (I'm always equipped with my coffee mug for caffeine and my colored pens to make my notes more artistic.)
9:30 am - Finite Mathematics
10:25 am - Intro to Writing (A journalism requirement.) We are currently working on a personal essay. I am writing about an important trampoline competition from when I was 13 years old, which seems like FOREVER ago. Here's an excerpt:

"I make my way to the “X.” The familiar softness of the Eurotramp is comforting in this stressful situation. Arms out to the side, a deep breath and a bounce….
Pike flifus- set up, reach, fold, 12 o’clock kick-out
Back layout- set with the toes, bring arm to the side and then down by side
Tuck flifus- set up, drive hips, chase knees, firm kick-out
Back pike- set up, not back, be snappy
Barani layout- easy…
Back Full- don’t rush it
Rudi- stay calm, up and twist….
Back tuck- tight tuck, strong kick-out
1 and ¾ front- drive the hips, see the trampoline
Barani ballout, straight jump, and stick.

I nailed it. I know it, my coaches know it, the audience knows it, and most important the judges know it. The routine was virtually flawless. Naturally, the judges will take off a few tenths for traveling, but that is the only error they can find. With a quick hop off the trampoline, I receive hugs and congratulations; my score still hasn’t appeared. I head back to where the other girls are waiting their turns, but I can’t sit down because of the adrenalin. It’s pulsing through my veins so violently I could swear I’m about to turn into the Incredible Hulk. I pace back and forth wearing away the carpet as I wait for the rest of the girls to compete. "

To continue with the schedule:
11:40 am - Head back to dorm room to put on ski gear
12:15 pm - Leave the ski room for Smuggler's Notch
1:15 - 4 pm - Train on Sterling Lift at Smuggler's Notch
5:15 pm - Arrive back on campus/dinner in Alliot
6:00 pm - Shower (I sing in the shower, so if you ever hear obnoxious singing in Joyce it's probably me. Check out the video a few post back...)
6:30 - 9:45 pm - Homework and my TV shows like NCIS, Grey's Anatomy, and Bones
9:45 pm - In bed! Don't laugh :-) I am up at 5:30 am for ski training on Tuesdays and Thursdays and like I said I need my 8 hrs of sleep and my coffee to function in society. (My friend, Maria, calls me a caffeine addict :-P)

As you can tell, I am very busy. And don't forget sometimes I am blogging for the SMC Bloggers or the Alpine Ski Team blog or I am meeting with the Founder's Society or I am participating in chats with all you prospective students. (We have a blogger chat this Thursday by the way! Just head to the site! SMC Blogger Chats!)

Enough about my schedule, let's talk about my improved room! As I told you in a previous post, my friend Teresa has moved in with me and things are just smashing! We rearranged the beds so (it appears) we have more floor, when there isn't clothing and homework all over it. Our next home improvement will be bean bag chairs for watching Glee in when it comes back on! My latest home improvement is a photo collage on the wall. I ordered prints on Snapfish (my new favorite discovery) for really inexpensive of my friends, family, and places I have traveled. I have placed them above the head of my bed, right next to my Taylor Lautner poster (Thanks, Seventeen Magazine! :-P). I have a new idea for next year. I will either order a TON more prints to collage all over my walls, or I will create posters (using Snapfish, of course) and hang them all over my walls! Either way, the more I'm at college, the more creative I get! Just another one of those unseen benefits!

Well, that's all for now! NCIS is on and I am a loyal fan!

xoxo Gabbi

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