Friday, February 26, 2010

Like Skiing?

Follow the SMC Alpine Ski Team blog, which has all the latest on the team.
And now we have a Twitter for up to the minute pictures, results, and weird things people say such as: "Eggplant is a vegatable? I thought it was a meat."
That is all.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Where All The Magic Happens

After all this snow we've received, the Lyons residents decided to build a nice barricade. I stumbled upon this on my way back from tuning my skis this morning. Which brings me to the point of this blog.
In the past I've told you a lot about my ski racing career at SMC, but today I'm going to give you a little "behind the scenes" action. Well, not a lot of action, just getting the skis tuned and waxed for the Middlebury Carnival/Eastern Championship this Saturday and Sunday. Welcome to the SMC Ski Room, where the magic happens.
Here are the team's skis soaking with wax, and that is my favorite pair of skis on the table.

Here is the Nordic part of the wax room. I don't really know what their tuning process is, but I know they tune. :-P

Early this year, Gus (one of our coaches) built some wonderful stands above the tables for holding tuning equipment, lights, and plugs to keep the speakers up and running. What would ski tuning be without a soundtrack?!

Everyone has a locker. I have 8 pairs of skis here with me, one of my skis is currently in my closet. Needless to say, the ski room resembles an overstocked ski shop.

Okay, that's all!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh my goodness, it's been over a week! I've just been so busy and time is flying. It's almost spring break. I've only got about 2 more months of freshman year... oh my goodness. That's no time at all. As you can tell, I'm freaking out about how quickly time seems to be passing. My college ski season is almost over with championships at Middlebury this weekend. I will continue skiing until April doing Eastern Cups and hopefully, North American Cup Finals. Enough about that. I just got news from my parents that we have moved! Not far, only about 1/2 an hour, but we are now in Nevada and walking distance to Lake Tahoe. The picture below is my dad standing next to the lake! Ah, I am so excited for the summer! My parents also informed me I might be heading to Hawaii again for a few weeks, which would do wonders for my tan. :-P

I'm going to abruptly change topics now to the fact that is DUMPING snow outside. I woke up this morning to the glaring white of freshly fallen snow. I'm guestimating that we got about a foot, maybe more on campus. (See picture below: a view from Alliot) The campus was looking rather bleak with the lack of snow in February, but it seems the snow gods are happy and so is everyone on campus. It was very noticeable in my classes that today was a day to use up unexcused absences for a powder day as it is surely on of the few we will have this semester. And while the school doesn't really have snow days, many students had their fingers crossed that individual professors would cancel class. I wasn't so fortunate, but I did get out of my intro to writing class early.
In my intro to writing class, I am currently writing (a total shock, I know) a human interest piece on the US Elite Air Program. A program designed to get gymnasts into aerial skiing. My focus is a girl I trained with one summer who is one of the programs "babies" and is competing in Olympic Aerial finals tonight! I can't wait to watch! (Good Luck, Ashley!) She's only 16 and she is a tremendous athlete and I think she is a wonderful subject for the piece.

Now, I am off to a blogger lunch! I hope everyone is doing awesome!


Monday, February 15, 2010

Good Job... Great Success.

Oh, so much fun has happened!
This weekend I was racing at Dartmouth Skiway, NH. It was the 100th Dartmouth Carnival, which I think is pretty cool. The team had a great race! I had one of my best race series of the season :-)! I finished all three races, which is a big deal, and I scored some serious points in giant slalom. I also had my first top 10 finish of the season at the Eastern Cup on Sunday! I am so happy! To see all the ski team's results, check out the SMC Alpine Ski Team Blog.
Also, my sister is here visiting! She came to the Eastern Cup at Dartmouth on Sunday and then snagged a ride back to campus with me. (Don't worry, I beat her :-P) On Sunday night, we went to the Three Tomatoes for dinner YUM and then went to Ben and Jerry's for some dessert. We then came back to the Joyce home for some much needed sleep. Racing, plus driving = exhaustion. Today, we woke up late and then headed to my favorite breakfast place, The Spot, in Shelbourne. It's this fixed up gas station transformed into a Hawaiian, surf-inspired breakfast and lunch restaurant. It is DELICIOUS! I totally recommend it. After that, we browsed TJ Maxx (my favorite store) before heading into Burlington. Maddi wanted to browse Church Street before getting massages at Jivana Holistic Spa on Church Street. I had never been before, but I was really happy with the hot stone massage. It was so relaxing and I am feeling refreshed and ready to go. However, I still don't want school to start up again on Wednesday. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with work and skiing right now. Nothing I can't handle, but still a little stressful. Now, Maddi is skyping with her friend from school and I am driving her back to her school tomorrow. She is really loving SMC (I'm recruiting her nice and early to come here!).
That is all I've got for now!
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Oh, and one more reminder! The contest for all you prospective students is STILL HAPPENING.Here's the contest:

The SMC Bloggers are doing a contest to find out what YOU want to read about in an upcoming blog.
Leave a comment on this post with a creative, fun, unique topic for a blog post. All of the SMC Bloggers will get together on February 28th to decide which ideas we like best. Feel free to leave as many Blog topics as you want and don't forget to include your name and email address so we contact you!! If we pick your suggestion then you will win a fun prize!* Then check back and see us blogging YOUR ideas! I want to know what you WANT to know! I'm don't have much of a purpose if I'm not helping you guys pick St. Mikes!!
Don’t forget! The first SMC Blogger chat of the Spring Semester is Thursday night! February 04 from 7-9PM. See you there!

*Remember only high school students can win!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

See Ya, Joyce!.... How you doing, Potigny?

I have great news! I will be residing in Potigny 208 next year in a 4-person suite! I will be living in Ambassador Housing with my friend, Natalie. Ambassador housing means that the other two rooms will be for ALD, or international, students. International students come for 8 weeks, a semester, or even the year. Natalie and I have the job of helping them adjust to life at St. Michael's and in Vermont. We are there to greet them on arrival, show them around campus, help them figure out their schedule and things like that.
The great part about living in a suite is that I have my own room, so I have my privacy, but I still live with other people. I'm also looking forward to meeting people from all over the world. As someone who truly appreciates travel and other cultures, I hope this will help me diversify my understanding of the world. The other great thing is that I don't have to worry about housing anymore! I have a place to live and I don't have to worry about raffle number and having to live up on North Campus. Don't get me wrong, there are TONS of benefits to being on North Campus. Many kids say they like it because it actually feels like you are getting off campus when you go home. It just isn't currently the location for me.
Anyways, I just thought I'd let you all know. As I hear about my other friend's housing experiences I will try to give you a look at housing beyond Ambassador housing.


Monday, February 8, 2010

Sudden Urges, Fast Skiing, and Homework (or a lack there of...)

Please excuse my absence. It's only a week, but I really try to keep you guys up to date! I have been very busy with skiing. I mean I am usually busy, but I have been up VERY early the past few days for the University of Vermont Carnival at Stowe and Eastern Cup races at Middlebury Skibowl.
Let me start with Thursday. After my Intro to Philosophy class, I had a sudden urge to knit... It's not totally random since I have been knitting for several years, but it was random since I haven't done it since winter break. I was suddenly determined to purchase yarn and needles. I grabbed the shuttle to North Campus, where freshman park their cars, with my roommate, Teresa. Teresa tagged along cause she was bored and didn't want to sit around the home. We ventured down to Michael's craft store in Burlington, which is about a 5 minute drive. I picked up my supplies and we then headed back to campus. I know what you are thinking.. WOW! Great story. I know yarn is SUPER exciting. :-P When we got back, I started my headband with black and red yarn.
Friday was the first day of the UVM Carnival at Stowe. We raced GS on the hill next to the new lodge and for the life of me I can't remember the name of the new lodge right now, but its real nice. I had a pretty awesome day. I scored a very tiny amount (I'm referring to the points system in skiing), but a score is a score and that is good enough for me. I REALLY liked the hill at Stowe. There was a lot of terrain and the weather was BEAUTIFUL! The next day was slalom. I really wish I had finished. I have really been struggling with that. I hiked at first because there are team points at stake at the college races, but the second time I struggled, I went out. Slalom is really hard that way. You push it to hard and there is a good chance you'll make big mistakes, but if you hold back, then you'll be slow, which defeats the purpose of racing. It is often said slalom is a series of recoveries. Apparently, I need to work on that.
On Sunday, Kelsey, Ashley, and I headed to Middlebury for some Eastern Cups. I was really hoping to ski well there because my slalom points recently increased and that means my start number got higher! Ah! Scary thought! I couldn't be happier with how the race went. Well, I mean winning would have been nice, but I have come to enjoy my own personal victories. That's what gets me by. I got 16th place coming from 51st and scored some points. Yay! Today, wasn't quite as good because I didn't finish.. I had a VERY embarrassing moment. I skated out of the start and proceeded to catch an edge on the flats on the third gate and fell over. Ya, embarrassing.
Okay, now that I have successfully procrastinated on my philosophy homework I should probably get on that. I hope every one is having a great second semester and for all you seniors, I hope the senioritis isn't getting you too bad!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Busy, busy, dizzy, dizzy....

It feels like I never have a spare moment, and how wonderful it is! Let's be real here, you don't want to be stressed, but its no fun to be unbearably bored. Between skiing and school, maintaining a "life," and getting my 8 hours of sleep, every minute counts. Here's what a typical Monday in my life looks like:

7:45 am - Wake up
8:30 am - American Politics (I'm always equipped with my coffee mug for caffeine and my colored pens to make my notes more artistic.)
9:30 am - Finite Mathematics
10:25 am - Intro to Writing (A journalism requirement.) We are currently working on a personal essay. I am writing about an important trampoline competition from when I was 13 years old, which seems like FOREVER ago. Here's an excerpt:

"I make my way to the “X.” The familiar softness of the Eurotramp is comforting in this stressful situation. Arms out to the side, a deep breath and a bounce….
Pike flifus- set up, reach, fold, 12 o’clock kick-out
Back layout- set with the toes, bring arm to the side and then down by side
Tuck flifus- set up, drive hips, chase knees, firm kick-out
Back pike- set up, not back, be snappy
Barani layout- easy…
Back Full- don’t rush it
Rudi- stay calm, up and twist….
Back tuck- tight tuck, strong kick-out
1 and ¾ front- drive the hips, see the trampoline
Barani ballout, straight jump, and stick.

I nailed it. I know it, my coaches know it, the audience knows it, and most important the judges know it. The routine was virtually flawless. Naturally, the judges will take off a few tenths for traveling, but that is the only error they can find. With a quick hop off the trampoline, I receive hugs and congratulations; my score still hasn’t appeared. I head back to where the other girls are waiting their turns, but I can’t sit down because of the adrenalin. It’s pulsing through my veins so violently I could swear I’m about to turn into the Incredible Hulk. I pace back and forth wearing away the carpet as I wait for the rest of the girls to compete. "

To continue with the schedule:
11:40 am - Head back to dorm room to put on ski gear
12:15 pm - Leave the ski room for Smuggler's Notch
1:15 - 4 pm - Train on Sterling Lift at Smuggler's Notch
5:15 pm - Arrive back on campus/dinner in Alliot
6:00 pm - Shower (I sing in the shower, so if you ever hear obnoxious singing in Joyce it's probably me. Check out the video a few post back...)
6:30 - 9:45 pm - Homework and my TV shows like NCIS, Grey's Anatomy, and Bones
9:45 pm - In bed! Don't laugh :-) I am up at 5:30 am for ski training on Tuesdays and Thursdays and like I said I need my 8 hrs of sleep and my coffee to function in society. (My friend, Maria, calls me a caffeine addict :-P)

As you can tell, I am very busy. And don't forget sometimes I am blogging for the SMC Bloggers or the Alpine Ski Team blog or I am meeting with the Founder's Society or I am participating in chats with all you prospective students. (We have a blogger chat this Thursday by the way! Just head to the site! SMC Blogger Chats!)

Enough about my schedule, let's talk about my improved room! As I told you in a previous post, my friend Teresa has moved in with me and things are just smashing! We rearranged the beds so (it appears) we have more floor, when there isn't clothing and homework all over it. Our next home improvement will be bean bag chairs for watching Glee in when it comes back on! My latest home improvement is a photo collage on the wall. I ordered prints on Snapfish (my new favorite discovery) for really inexpensive of my friends, family, and places I have traveled. I have placed them above the head of my bed, right next to my Taylor Lautner poster (Thanks, Seventeen Magazine! :-P). I have a new idea for next year. I will either order a TON more prints to collage all over my walls, or I will create posters (using Snapfish, of course) and hang them all over my walls! Either way, the more I'm at college, the more creative I get! Just another one of those unseen benefits!

Well, that's all for now! NCIS is on and I am a loyal fan!

xoxo Gabbi

Monday, February 1, 2010

February Contest! (Take a look!)

The SMC Bloggers are doing a contest to find out what YOU want to read about in an upcoming blog.
Leave a comment on this post with a creative, fun, unique topic for a blog post. All of the SMC Bloggers will get together on February 28th to decide which ideas we like best. Feel free to leave as many Blog topics as you want and don't forget to include your name and email address so we contact you!! If we pick your suggestion then you will win a fun prize!* Then check back and see us blogging YOUR ideas! I want to know what you WANT to know! I'm don't have much of a purpose if I'm not helping you guys pick St. Mikes!!
Don’t forget! The first SMC Blogger chat of the Spring Semester is Thursday night! February 04 from 7-9PM. See you there!

*Remember only high school students can win!

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