Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wow, the semester has begun...

I am 3 days in and I am surprisingly calm. No, really. I get insanely busy and suddenly I am organized and productive. You certainly wouldn't be able to tell that from my room, but it's the truth.
So far, I am pretty excited about my schedule this semester. 4 classes. (I would have 5, but I have decided to drop one that doesn't fulfill any requirements.) I am taking Intro to Philosophy, Intro to American Politics, Intro to Writing, and Finite Math. Intro to Philosophy is looking good because tonight I have to read a story and then draw a picture. American Politics will be some heavy reading, but that's easy to do while on the road and I am excited to learn about politics so I can actually understand the next election. (Which I can vote in btw. :-P) I am already enjoying my quirky professor in Intro to Writing. I think she brings a lot of professional writing experience to the table as well as an open my mind. This is a required Journalism course and I think it will do great things for my writing. Lastly is Finite Math. It's a little bit struggs aka It's a struggle. Not that its hard, its actually very useful. We learning a lot of finance math right now, but it is formulas and in all honesty I have found math as an entire subject rather tedious, but what can you do. It's the easiest math class here, and I wanted to get my LSRs out of the way. Lucky for me, I have a few friends in the class.
I was also very pleased to find that my professors were very willing to work with me and my ski schedule. I will be missing almost every Friday class for the next two months :-/ which is unheard of as usually professors allow around 3 absences before there is some sort of cost. If you are on an athletic team there are exceptions, but I made sure to check with professors before registering because drop/adding a bunch of classes seemed a little hectic. And it turned out to be wise, as several of the professors I emailed with had important friday plans that could not be missed.
Overall, the semester is off on the right foot. Hope everyone is having a great second semester! And to all you second semester seniors: Enjoy the rest of highschool! And you have questions about anything come to our blogger chats! You can find the dates HERE. We (The SMC bloggers) love to answer questions. It's like a calling. :-P


PS. My first ski carnival (NCAA race) is coming up on Friday! It's at Whiteface in New York, hosted my St. Lawrence! Keep your finger crossed!

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