Sunday, January 3, 2010

Parlez-vous l'anglais ?

With just a week left in my winter break, I am getting in as much ski training and racing as possible. When I arrived back on campus on the 28th, it was rather chilly. :-/ But it's Vermont, what can you expect?
I spent a few days free-skiing with the team and working on the basics of GS and SL. On the second day of training, my coached told me I had made it into the Nor-Ams (North American Cups) in Quebec. While I haven't had a ton of training this yet, I decided it was time to get some racing in. So I prepared to head to Val-St-Come, Quebec. My friend, Kelsey, also got into the races and decided to join me. On January 1st, Kelsey, Gus (one of my coaches), and I got into a SMC mini-van and began the trek.
We have now been in Quebec for 2 days. We had to Slalom races and neither of them went very well. :-( Don't get me wrong, I was skiing fast. Unfortunately, on the first day - first run, I almost came to a stop on the flat section, which, as we all know, is suuuuuper fast. Then on my second run, I didn't finish because I got tangled in a hair-pin (a gate combination). Today, I got a little in the back seat and missed a gate, so I hiked. In Nor-Ams, you have to be in the top 60 to get a second run and hiking just set me back to many seconds. Kelsey had a rough Slalom series as well. Due to a few mistakes on the first run of the first day, she was too far out to qualify for second run. Today, she went out of the start gate and her right pole and glove stayed in the start while she started down the course. Needless to say, this wasn't our slalom series. Oh well! Better to get it out before our upcoming college races! (Soooooo excited for it!)
We will be enjoying a day off tomorrow, and maybe venture into Quebec City and go-kart. Then, two GS races at Mt. Saint-Anne. I'll let you know how it goes. Keep your fingers crossed!


PS. For updates on the SMC Ski Team head to the BLOG.
PSS. :-P You can also watch Kelsey and I race here.

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