Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Deal with Housing...

The time has come for decisions about next years living situation. It seems early, but with so many people to house, I can imagine its a long and tedious process. The Class of 2012 and 2013 both had their housing meetings in the McCarthy Arts Center. The recital theater was jam packed with students eager to find out what their chances were at living in a suite. (Turns out there is really no way to tell because the upper classmen get first choice and sophomores get the left overs.) The meeting was about 45 minutes complete with power point presentation. Here's what I learned:

1) There are a few choices for housing including: SUITES - For 8 people; only if you have 8 people to fill it and you have really good karma :-P, DOUBLE ROOMS - In Founder's and Alumni (on main campus) and a few buildings like Linnehan and Hammel (on North Campus). SINGLE ROOMS - Only a few are available, but you can be put in a suite with some unfamiliar people, but it's nice to have your own room. (I think that is what I'm gunnin' for)

2) If you want to live with a friend and in a suite, you can try for Ambassador Housing. This means that you and your friend will live with another "couple" and then 4 international students. You help them adjust to life on campus and you can live in a suite.

3) Glad, I did Got Skills! If you participated in Got Skills, your name is put in a raffle. 3 names are picked before raffle numbers are handed out. Those three people get the best three number in the class. (Wouldn't that be dreamy?!)

As the process goes along, I will keep you updated!


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