Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Deal with Housing...

The time has come for decisions about next years living situation. It seems early, but with so many people to house, I can imagine its a long and tedious process. The Class of 2012 and 2013 both had their housing meetings in the McCarthy Arts Center. The recital theater was jam packed with students eager to find out what their chances were at living in a suite. (Turns out there is really no way to tell because the upper classmen get first choice and sophomores get the left overs.) The meeting was about 45 minutes complete with power point presentation. Here's what I learned:

1) There are a few choices for housing including: SUITES - For 8 people; only if you have 8 people to fill it and you have really good karma :-P, DOUBLE ROOMS - In Founder's and Alumni (on main campus) and a few buildings like Linnehan and Hammel (on North Campus). SINGLE ROOMS - Only a few are available, but you can be put in a suite with some unfamiliar people, but it's nice to have your own room. (I think that is what I'm gunnin' for)

2) If you want to live with a friend and in a suite, you can try for Ambassador Housing. This means that you and your friend will live with another "couple" and then 4 international students. You help them adjust to life on campus and you can live in a suite.

3) Glad, I did Got Skills! If you participated in Got Skills, your name is put in a raffle. 3 names are picked before raffle numbers are handed out. Those three people get the best three number in the class. (Wouldn't that be dreamy?!)

As the process goes along, I will keep you updated!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Most Eventful Week

... And it's only Tuesday!
I guess I will start with yesterday. I'm not even sure it was really eventful, but it felt like a long day. I had my three morning classes (Writing, Math, Politics) and then skiing in the afternoon. It was unusually warm up at Smugg's yesterday. I was able to strip down to my speed suit. If you don't know what that is, its what you see ski racers wearing that typically makes them look like Spiderman/woman. Contrary to what many believe, they are not warm. I just wear them because they look soooooo good. :-P The point is: For me, to get down to my speed suit it has to be pretty warm. Good thing, too, since the photographer was there taking pics of the team.

This is the SMC Purple Knights getting ready in the Smuggler's Notch Ski Team building.

That's me. Shredding, of course. :-P I'm actually pretty impressed with myself. It might also just be the angle of the camera, but who cares? I look good.

This is Kris Ochs, one of the seniors on the team.

As you can see, Purple Knights are lookin' pretty good for the season. (PS. We are hosting a NCAA race this weekend, Jan. 22 and 23. If you are in the area, come show your support!)
More interesting news... My parents are in town all the way from California. Since my sister and I are both east coasters now, they had to fly cross country to watch us race. They rented an apartment in Burlington and are getting to know the area. This is the second time they have been to VT. The first time was when I moved in. It's very nice having them in town and I think they just like having their kids around. I imagine it's weird having an empty home. And of course, I get home cooked meals. Tonight, my mom is making fajitas for me and a few friends including... MY NEW ROOMIE!!
My friend, Teresa, is moving in this week because things didn't work out between me and my original room mate. Don't worry, most people have a great room mate experience. My roomie and I were just two very different people. Anyways.... once Teresa is all settled (Hopefully tonight!! *crosses fingers*) I will take a video of my rearranged and updated room. I'm very excited about the whole situation!
Oh, and some other exciting news. Well, I think it's exciting as someone who is doing their first real year of school since 8th grade. I made the Dean's List. I just got a letter in the mail. I'm feelin' pretty special right now. I'm not sure it means anything except that I try really hard in my classes and could really use summer vacation right about now :-P. It is nice to be recognized for my obvious amazing-ness.
Okay! I promise that's all for now!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wow, the semester has begun...

I am 3 days in and I am surprisingly calm. No, really. I get insanely busy and suddenly I am organized and productive. You certainly wouldn't be able to tell that from my room, but it's the truth.
So far, I am pretty excited about my schedule this semester. 4 classes. (I would have 5, but I have decided to drop one that doesn't fulfill any requirements.) I am taking Intro to Philosophy, Intro to American Politics, Intro to Writing, and Finite Math. Intro to Philosophy is looking good because tonight I have to read a story and then draw a picture. American Politics will be some heavy reading, but that's easy to do while on the road and I am excited to learn about politics so I can actually understand the next election. (Which I can vote in btw. :-P) I am already enjoying my quirky professor in Intro to Writing. I think she brings a lot of professional writing experience to the table as well as an open my mind. This is a required Journalism course and I think it will do great things for my writing. Lastly is Finite Math. It's a little bit struggs aka It's a struggle. Not that its hard, its actually very useful. We learning a lot of finance math right now, but it is formulas and in all honesty I have found math as an entire subject rather tedious, but what can you do. It's the easiest math class here, and I wanted to get my LSRs out of the way. Lucky for me, I have a few friends in the class.
I was also very pleased to find that my professors were very willing to work with me and my ski schedule. I will be missing almost every Friday class for the next two months :-/ which is unheard of as usually professors allow around 3 absences before there is some sort of cost. If you are on an athletic team there are exceptions, but I made sure to check with professors before registering because drop/adding a bunch of classes seemed a little hectic. And it turned out to be wise, as several of the professors I emailed with had important friday plans that could not be missed.
Overall, the semester is off on the right foot. Hope everyone is having a great second semester! And to all you second semester seniors: Enjoy the rest of highschool! And you have questions about anything come to our blogger chats! You can find the dates HERE. We (The SMC bloggers) love to answer questions. It's like a calling. :-P


PS. My first ski carnival (NCAA race) is coming up on Friday! It's at Whiteface in New York, hosted my St. Lawrence! Keep your finger crossed!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Parlez-vous l'anglais ?

With just a week left in my winter break, I am getting in as much ski training and racing as possible. When I arrived back on campus on the 28th, it was rather chilly. :-/ But it's Vermont, what can you expect?
I spent a few days free-skiing with the team and working on the basics of GS and SL. On the second day of training, my coached told me I had made it into the Nor-Ams (North American Cups) in Quebec. While I haven't had a ton of training this yet, I decided it was time to get some racing in. So I prepared to head to Val-St-Come, Quebec. My friend, Kelsey, also got into the races and decided to join me. On January 1st, Kelsey, Gus (one of my coaches), and I got into a SMC mini-van and began the trek.
We have now been in Quebec for 2 days. We had to Slalom races and neither of them went very well. :-( Don't get me wrong, I was skiing fast. Unfortunately, on the first day - first run, I almost came to a stop on the flat section, which, as we all know, is suuuuuper fast. Then on my second run, I didn't finish because I got tangled in a hair-pin (a gate combination). Today, I got a little in the back seat and missed a gate, so I hiked. In Nor-Ams, you have to be in the top 60 to get a second run and hiking just set me back to many seconds. Kelsey had a rough Slalom series as well. Due to a few mistakes on the first run of the first day, she was too far out to qualify for second run. Today, she went out of the start gate and her right pole and glove stayed in the start while she started down the course. Needless to say, this wasn't our slalom series. Oh well! Better to get it out before our upcoming college races! (Soooooo excited for it!)
We will be enjoying a day off tomorrow, and maybe venture into Quebec City and go-kart. Then, two GS races at Mt. Saint-Anne. I'll let you know how it goes. Keep your fingers crossed!


PS. For updates on the SMC Ski Team head to the BLOG.
PSS. :-P You can also watch Kelsey and I race here.

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