Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter Storm Warning :-)

We got 3-5 inches! Ah! It's a good day!

This is the Durick Library. Its a very beautiful building and through my observations I think it is safe to say that this is the most popular building on campus. So many people go daily to study and work. With finals coming up, it is even MORE populated. It's insane. It's not just busy at night. It's an ALL DAY thing. Its crazy. As someone that hasn't spent any time in libraries and has to have music playing at all times, I never really understood the productivity that could come from the "libs" as we like to refer to it as. I have only been to library about 4 times and only once for working, but I have found that under the right circumstances it can be a magical place.
Anyways, I made my way over there this morning for my last Spanish Oral Exam. MY LAST! Yay! I talked with my professor about travel and food, which went far better than I thought. I always worry way to much about these things. They are never that hard. I definitely think I aced it! After Spanish, I had Mass Communications. It's one of my classes that I look forward to attending. I know I have talked about all the discussions and the ability to express opinions, but it is fantastic. Today we watched some Pultizer Prize winning editorial cartoons. I thought they were hilarious. Here are a few:

NSA Listening to Our Phone Conversations

Campaigning For Dummies

No Place Like Home

I think this is one of the great things about this class. We were exposed to so much from different media forms to ground break journalism to the infinite opportunities within the journalism field.
Also on this week's agenda is putting together my final website for New Media and editing my memoir for my first year seminar. My website is coming along very nicely. I have picked a light yellow background color and using black, green, and blue for text, logos, and links. Using Adobe Illustrator I have created a very nice logo for the "GH Research Group." In doing so, I have found a font where the "p" and "q" are leaves which I used as embellishment on my logo. The motto is: Where quantity and quality meet... I think it is all going to work out well once I get my results organized and graphed. My memoir is also close to completion. More than anything, I have a lot of punctuation and grammatical errors. Silly things that I miss when I read it. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. I have a hard time noticing my own writing mistakes until someone else points them out.
I must stop procrastinating on homework and get focused! Shoot...

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