Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Opening Day at Smugg's!

Hey all,
Big day today! Opening day at Smuggler's Notch and lots of snowfall. I headed up to the hill with my friends, Greg, Taylor, and Pat. I also made some new friends, Jared from Arizona (who coincidentally knows a girl I graduated middle school with) and Alex. We drove to the mountain in Greg's SUV at 7 am, so that we could make 8:30 am chair. It was snowing a TON so the drive to look a little longer than expected, but who are we to complain about some more snow?!
When we arrived at the mountain, it was still snowing, but it was in the mid-20's which was a nice temperature especially since I am breaking in new ski boots. :-) I was very excited to ski with a new group of people that weren't racers and just like to bomb down mountains. It's a nice change of pace. At 8:30, Taylor, Pat, Greg and I loaded the lift. Alex was on a mission to teach Jared to snowboard because he has never done it before. I give kudos to Jared for getting out there with us and jumping right into snowboard. It takes a lot of courage to try something new like that. I hear he is a good long boarder which helped him alot in the beginning processes. He did however have a minor freak out the first time he was getting of the lift and proceeded to dangle off the chair past the exit ramp until the lift-ops were able to stop it. Jared also took an infinite number of falls, but its the nature of winter sports.
After a few runs, I ran into my coach, Gus, and my team mates, Andrew, JD, and Kevin, who were equally as amped to get on snow and start skiing. It's been to long for all of us. It is weird seeing everyone in their winter gear because they are so bundled. I always have trouble identifying people. I feel like such a dork asking, "Is that so-and-so?" O well. I'm imperfect. Unfortunately, opening day doesn't mean classes were canceled so we needed to leave to make our afternoon classes. :-( The drive back was far easier because the roads had been plowed and the sun was shining! It was such an awesome way to start the season and I look forward to many more awesome days!
That's all for now! I have to study for a Spanish Oral Exam. Eek! Wish me luck!

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